July 29, 2017

Beauty: Althea Matte Box review

Talking about Matte, it is a word that no make up lover would not know. It's been one of the highly used words recently. The first thing that pop up in my mind is Matte lipstick, then matte cushion. But have you wonder why everyone is so cray cray about MATTE?

Contratry to Matte is shimmer, glitter, or glows, glossy  A matte finish product would give you  a colour that distributed evenly, and not glowly. There is no certain which finish is better. But since glitter has been on the limelight for so long, then come the Matte. And if you ask me, I prefer Matte lipstick than the glossy one.

Althea Matte Box, as the name suggests has got everything to exude the power of Matte.

The matte box has 6 full size items as feature above, which are

1. Wangskin | Girl's Skin Moisture Cleanser
2. Innisfree | No Sebum Toner
3. Aritaum | Pore Master Sebum Control Matte Gel
4. Peripera | Ink Lasting Mint Cushion (Beige)
5. Lebaton | Colour Fit Lipstick
6. Skinfood | Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder

Let's start with skin care product first. Shall we?

1. Wangskin | Girl's Skin Moisture Cleanser   RM 79  RM 24

Wang Skin Girl's skin moisture cleanser is  a milk & rice moisture cleanser.  It present itself as white colour liquid when you pour it out, as you lathe it, then more creamy foam will out. Aside from leaving a deep cleanser face, what poses this cleanser different from other is the smell that resembles coconut to me.

2. Innisfree | No Sebum Toner RM 78 RM 47

Loving the simple packaging of innisfree toner. It contains Jeju Natural minerals and mint ingredient which calm my skin at the end of the day. I would also use it before I go out knowing that I am going to stand under the hot sun because I don't want my sebum to pop out. I guess it's the jeju ingredient, I always felt refresh everytime after I use it.  If you love something mint and refreshing. This is a toner that does hydrating and calming with pleasant mint scent!

3. Aritaum | Pore Master Sebum Control Matte Gel

Never heard of Matte Gel until I got this. Apparently, this is a gel texture primer that applied prior foundation to prep the skin for the oiliness and leaving a cooling effect.

I highly recommend this to those oil prone skin people! Highly recommended! Because it works its claim. My skin doesn't really secret much of oil. But I can see the difference of my make up at the end of the day with and without applying the gel.

The makeup tends to retain longer and look much refreshing, just like your new make up at the end of the day. I apply toner, moisturizer and sunblock before dabbing the gel on my skin.

Gel normally associated with the cooling effect. Think Aloe Vera cooling gel. Still wonder how a cooling gel like this manages to mattify my skin.

It drys up once you dab it on your skin. A touch of my skin feels like an evenly matte touch, not satin smooth, but still smooth than before.  I would say this is something you want to put in your collection. It is a key for flawless skin make up lor.

Can't find the product in Althea site, but found the Aritaum Pore Master Sebum Control Pact!

4. Peripera | Ink Lasting Mint Cushion (Beige)
Look at how cute is the packaging! It's pastel colour!

I love this lar. Why the packaging so cute one! Pastel mint colour comes with a polka dot puff. Honestly, Beige is a quite fair in contrast to my skin tone. I wont put this one but casual outing because it brighten up my skin tone to 3 or 4 scales.

I put it on when I need to put on heavy make up , and put on my neck area so that the contrast between the neck and face wont be too far-fetched. This is one of the BB cushion that I only need to lightly press the puff onto the cushion to get generous amount of bb cream. It is suitable for people with skin of lighter tone than me.

5. Lebaton | Colour Fit Lipstick  RM 52  RM 35

Not only I like the lipstick. My boyfriend like the colour of it on me too! It's appealing flawless bullet lipstick, and the orangy colour on me rejuvenate the entire outlook . The soft and silky semi-matte lipstick is definitely something must have in your collection~  And he likes me in the rose coral colour than in bright Marilyn Monreo red.

6. Skinfood | Peach Cotton Multi Finish Powder

This is also another finish  powder or loose powder that further control sebum and give my make up face a matte finish.

 It has the peachy scent powder  and I feel like my skin is smoother as in the matte surface spread evenly on my face.

This is a 6 pieces full size matte products , with each of them work to control sebum, brighten and hydrating your skin , especially suitable for oily skin because it lessen sebum excretion yet leave your skin moisture and hyrated. Highly recommended for oily skin or those who are looking for long-lasting make up! That's what MATTE for!

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