July 29, 2017

Top notch Char Siew (BBQ pork) @ Toast & Roast

If you ask me, I feel like Jamie Oliver should come here and try what is the Asian BBQ pork, Char Siew. Because I came without any expectation. My boyfriend suddenly dragged me there since we still have ample time before next agenda. 

When the order first served , (this is Hakka Noddle with T&R Char Siew + Siew Yoke). I started to understand why everyone would come for it. Looking inviting with the juicy oily succulent balance of oil and lean meat look of char Siew  Even the visual judgement is already stand out. If you try Siew Yoke before, you know Siew yoke taste nice when it comes with generous about of oil. So yea, literally a sight that let me drool. 

When I first reach there, the dozens of Char Siew hanging, with oil dripping from it. My first thought was... One quater for chicken, roasted pork, and 3 quarters for Char Siew...hmmm. Okay~~ 

 Hakka Noddle  Char Siew & Siew Yoke  RM 12.40 (inclusive of GST)

 Looking humble but not so humble. I want discover your power after putting you in my mouth. 

 Chicken & Char Siew Rice RM 9.00 (inclusive of GST)

And my really humble looking and taste really humble chicken + char siew rice. The char siew is a bomb. And the chicken is not bad too, I mean it's ordinary to compare with the char siew and siew yoke here. 

See, the living-at-the-moment look. Hahaha 

I was not really feeling well at that moment. My boyfriend kept on talking to me. How good is their food, and here and there. and how many time he visits here. and bla bla bla. 

 The reflective alluring succulent chunks of char siew. It's a real deal. An amazing real deal that worth your money!

 Saw my bf add on pickle green chillies on it, and i thought this is one of the highlights too.

 Hakka Noddle with generous chunks of Char Siew, Siew Yoke, top up with Pork lark. and pickle green chillies and the favourful BBQ sauce.  Ask for their BBQ sauce if they don't serve. 

 Because the BBQ sauce greatly elevated the char siew taste to a whole new level. In a sense that it more rich, more owhmmm, and you feel like your meal is perfect. 

Toast & Roast is one of the rare shops who serve dishes which every single of them from the oil rice, to the condiment like BBQ sauce, pickled green chillies are delicious. except for the chicken (ordinary only ). So  remember to turn on your waze if you want to pay a visit here if you never step into this area. 

Price wise, I wouldn't say it's expensive. Judge yourself. As for me. This is the cheaper than the price of eateries, which still cannot guarantee satisfaction in my working area.... 


 Located in SS2 area, this shop sandwiched between a barber shop and a car service center. The area is quite remote you can't come here if there is no one to bring you here. My boyfriend said, the eateries here come in 2 or 3 cars. Friends bring friends, spreading through word of mouth. And now I decided to blog about this really really premium char siew that char siew lover if wouldn't know yet, you wouldn't want to miss. 

I read some other review, some said they find it hard to get parking. But actually I don't have this problem today. Probably during lunch hour when everyone hustle to the same direction ? 

And the Toast & Roast restaurant just lies beside an empty serene field with bamboo on it. 

Toast And Roast @ SS2, PJ

No. 20, Jalan SS2/72, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Closed on Tuesday

9am - 4pm 

Sean 013-3403983
Angie 016-6822249

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