April 30, 2012

Vegetarian tomorrow!!

I had a really scumptious dinner just now, which really resort my lust for eating chicken chop, I really miss Kemaman, and I miss the delicacies here, Fatisha, it is a western restaurant , with some uptown decoration, manage by Malays, but the food there really attempting, just heart it^^

These are some foods that i order, frankly the food now is a bit regress compare to last time, the mash potato is dense salty, but it look cuter now~~~

And the chicken tepayaki, not only it become more expensive, at the same time, the quantity of it decrease already, the garlic rice, the size of chicken slice become obviously smaller......I really hope that Fatisha crew would do something on this. I really hope that I can bring my friend to Fatisha whenever they come Kemaman.
Chicken tepayaki
by the way, I am going to fast tomorrow, in order to support the shi ji activity

this is an article excerpt from my facebook event, do u got it?

Penang 15 (Bernama) - Following million day fasting activity was successfully held last year, the Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia Branch will be held again on May Day the day people fast days, and more vegetarian eat eight, two points to help others "as the theme, advocating the benefits of vegetarianism.
This activity began in from 9:00 until 12:00, in the Penang Island and Province, Wei response to a vegetarian restaurant for vegetarians. Received the voucher in the day people can go for vegetarian vegetarian meal, or bring their own tableware packaged. In addition, people can not go vegetarian can vow vegetarian.
Tzu Chi Malaysia Chapter PR yellow Ci Qin said at a press conference on Saturday last year, response to vegetarian people as many as 45,000 people, the number of participants exceeded 50,000 this year.
The total coordination of Yan Zhen rights (economic vibration) pointed out that a lot of vegetarian are happy with the activities of Tzu Chi free vegetarian I hold the voucher people. Penang has been up to more than 80 vegetarian restaurant to respond to this activity, 20000 vegetarian meals or pasta.
He said that the vegetarian diet can protect the earth, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that greenhouse gas emissions from meat production account for 18% of the global total, while the means of transport emissions account for only 13%.
"Master Cheng Yen promote" vegetarianism eight full two points to help others, advocate people each meal to eat eight full savings of food to help hungry people. "
Next month 13 Day Buddha Day
In addition, the Tzu Chi in order to meet the 46 anniversary of the May 13 secondary schools in the Hanjiang pasture Buddha bathing ceremony of the three in one, Buddha's Birthday, Mother's Day and Global Tzu Chi Day.
Since 2011, the unity of the three were formally state government as a project of the Penang's culture and education. People will be arranged in the Buddha bathing the Bodhi leaf, a symbol of social harmony, you need everyone to partners to achieve.
People who wish to participate may call the Tzu Chi Malaysia Chapter meditation hall 04-2281013 for further information.

So Thats all for today, feel a bit down for that i need to go back tomorrow.........

April 29, 2012

MUET ---relieve ^8^

I received a letter from MPM (Majlis Peperiksaan Malaysia) today, I am sooooooooooooooo happy,(not really excited), I finally manage to get Band 4 in my MUEt, perhaps getting a band 4 in MUET is a easy job to you, but its a bit challenging for me.
I need to get at least a Band 4 in order to study Pharmacy, and well now i need not to worry about it anymore. Anyway, these day, I found out that Band 4 is just a so so result only. Somemore, they are many people who really have a good command of english outside.Thinking back last time the way I revise, I was like going to give out. and people don't really judge you by how many band you get in any test right? they are prone to test you directly, from the way you speak, writting, your responde and so on.

But, learning english is a non stop process, will listen to more english song, english movie, english fashion magazine to improve it.hahahaha. 


.Lady and jentlemen

Be ready to see the exact mark i get

my first attempt

My second attempt, note that i got a bit bit improvement o!

Third attempt, more improvement after an exposure to english

April 25, 2012

Masterskill cocuriculum day

only until today i know MUCH (Masterskill University College of Health Science) has 'so much' clubs and associations. I expect Masterskill to has less club ady(indeed, it is), b ut luckily it is not thatlittle as i expect, before this, i though masterskill has only about 10 clubs only, but now it seems like a little bit more than i expected,hahaha.

I was so happy today and i Got to join 4 clubs,

Social budaya(actually is cultural dance)


CCS (Chinese Cultural Society)

I am on top of the moon!!! I love to dance so much, i was so so so happy when i got to know that there is a dancing class every week, yes, i need not to find dancing class outside anymore, I can learn it here with no transport problem and only Rm5 per months, this is the best solution!

(hey, don't judge the book by its cover)

NOw, lets picture do the talks!

There is outside booth from this ice-cream company, the crew there will give you a free ice-cream cone when you like your fb page and snap photo i think

 I not sure about there, I was there when there were distributing the cone, but then it was my lunch time, guys, eating rice first before ice-cream is a healtier option,hahaha, see How healthy am I.

and guess what

I only got the chance to take photo with their mock qiant ice-cream(don't see me smile happily in the photo, actually i was sour inside)

I like the sunlight

me and Janice, she is always my companion

 when come to Indian Cultural Society, sure must practice their custom la~

THis is not found at the Indian Cultural booth,but the social budaya, which i mention above I will learn dance there!

 I really gotta move like JAGGER!!

a smile face of me before ending the pose, peace people^^
April 17, 2012

Golden Shrimp Plant- Pachystachys lutea

 Just wanted to seek clarification, because all the Pachystachys lutea tat i search online are display in yellow colour,100%, so i doubt that is the plant I display here is really belong to Pachystachys lutea? Not only the colour of the flower is different, the leave structure also quite difference, unlike the leave in most pictures shown, the leave show here is cover with a waxy layer, so I doubt if the label is wrongly put.

btw, the plant is found is Botanical Perdana Garden, formerly known as Taman Tasik Perdana
April 15, 2012

We not naughty

I am not naughty, Do you?

(well, maybe just sometime naughty in a good way)
ate nasi lemak at Rotiboy , people just staring at me coz i ate two bowls of rice

I guess I just have not relax or relieve myself for such a long time, tats why, even i am going to sit for exam on Tues, Wed, THurs, and Frida, I still have the gut to went to Leisure Mall, actually, the main reason i went there just to buy some exercise books to my tuition student, and since I been there ady, so I took this opportunity to watch the movie there I been wanting to watching for since the release of it,

 THis movie is nice, it make me laugh out loud, until my friend saying i am too over and cry like rain.

Daniel Chan 陈晓东, Xiang Yun 向云, Shawn Lee 李创锐, Joshua Ang 洪賜健, Cherry Hsia 夏如芝, Loi Fey Huei 黎沸挥, Eric Moo 巫启贤, Yan Li Ming 颜黎明, Jacky Chin 奇贤

you can also join their official facebook site as shown down here.

April 8, 2012

Perdana Botanical Garden, Kuala LUm,pur

I am suffer from hot whether yesterday, it was really really hot and I lost the mood to take photo.

Initially, I went there together with my coursemate and Janice, to do our bio field work, actually I am quite regret of choosing Lake Garden as the food chain there is not as vary as in Zoo Negara, here to advice to those if you want to do a field work, Zoo Negara or any zoo is the most ideal place, because you can create a food chain, flower, grasshopper, frog, snake, lion/tiger/snake, and the food chain is completed.
I didn't mean that Lake Garden is lousy, just that it is not suitable to do the bio field work coz Garden won't have tiger, snale, crocodile and all those huge animal.In fact, I saw many people went there yesterday, even some going-to-marry couple also choose to photoshot their most memorable moment take, haha and guess what, I took this advantage to take photo with one of the pair of bridegroom and bride, and after that I shaked hand with them, congratz to them.

Though the whether is very untolerateable, I wish that I could visit Lake Garden in the future, and I learnt a lesson not to go there in the morning or afternoon, I guess 4.30pm reach there would be appropriate.

taking KTM from Bandat Tasik Selatan to Kuala Lumpur, and this is actually my first time taking KTM!
the most satisfied specimen taken, sadness, i don't know hers name, I guess I won't use it in my log book.........
ching ching! Do i see a handsome boy?
okay, stare back at camera lens
i had taken several attempt to take it! dragonfly ar  dragonfly ,plz stay stationary,can?
note tat umbrella and hat were all found, see! how terrible the whether was
a beauty with flowers!okay, plz do not comment on this photo
Finally, group photo!!
cing cing! wish me luck!
April 5, 2012

hostel food

ok, this is the food that totally cook by myself!!!!
April 1, 2012

Farewell party for ICt/BIs

I am so happy this weekend, i wish that it would never end.I joined my boyfriend's prom night, actually, i was very await for this event,

 firstly, this is my first time to take part in prom night, 
secondly, this is my first time take part in a prom night with him. 

actually, this prom night was organize to celebrate ICT (information communication technology) and BIS(Business Information System) students going to posting soon, and they won't meet each other in UTP, apparently, all the May 2009 batch are so closely tight to each other, so they will miss each other. I can really see that they are buddy! and i like that feeling, feel like wan to be a part of them and they treat me like i am a part of them.

I really indeed like to join Ws's friend, they are so mature, so steady, outgoing ,crazy and everyone like having the leadership skill.Ws and me were separated for awhile while the girl were doing make up, dressing stuff.They just treat me like I am a part of them,they help me to make up, hair styling, paint my nails and all girl stuff la~~ and they just share everything they have, erm....its hard to describe here, just that i really look forward to have fun with them in the future~

and today is my first time taking KTM too, I was taking KTM from Batu Gajah to KL central, contractly to what i thought before, the seat inside is nice, air-conditioned,just like aeroplane. This make me confuse, because usually, from what i seen in BTS (Bandar Tasik Selatan) , KTM is always crowed and congested, and got the female coach........will try to figure it out later.

Finally,  this speech is deliver to him.Thank you for everything you done on me, I am proud to be your GF! muaks~~
 all the leng lui~~

 all the meche(mechanical engineering member)

 the leng zai

calvin with his epic post again

us <3