December 30, 2008

~a nightmare~

yesterday midnight or today early in the morning ,before i went to my secondary school to know my sister PMR result, i was getting a nightmare~~

in the dream>>>

i met with a pregnant woman,she has a 10month-old many inside her uterus,and then a normal pregnant woman has a round belly,but this woman was different,she has a baby shape belly.Can you imagine that?

me myself dont't know my wasn't feeling surpise with this phenomena , i stepped forward to chit-chating with her and the i touch the baby's /foetus' head because wo both(the baby's mother and me) saw him/her moving(since the pregnant woman had a baby-shaped-belly,we can look through when the embryo was moving.)

and then i touch the embryo's head lo,once i touch--------"click" the skull of the embryo crash,its like fracture,but the shape of the skull was still remained....

i was having butterfly in my stomach,although the mother didn't scolded me,but i was absoluty worrried,i was worried that when the baby was give birth , his/her head will leaving a cicatrice........

this is the main point of my nightmare,diothers plot,i had forget already.......


todays my sister and i go to school to take the PMR result,she got a straight A's!!!
congratulate to her
and she had beat on me because last time my PMR got 7a's and 1B ,i was quite proud of her but also angry at her for won me over~~

well,she has a quite long time need to cross,wish her lucky~~
December 28, 2008



p/s: 虽然这篇短诗有一点烂,因为我是为了写blog而写blog的....


一月10日和11日, 吉隆坡klcc有教育展,这是我朋友告诉我的,刚刚我问了我父母,他们都不允许我去.

(一) 我都已经决定要读STPM 了
(二) 上网找资料!也可以啊!

1. having a legal car licence
2. working
3. apply for national service,ask the authority to put me at second group (i am originaly third group)

4. study first option - matriculation
second option- STPM at kuantan
third option- STPM at TAR college

i have done this decisions because i had just ask opinion from my parents,since i am interest in many career from many industries,i can use my time thinking of my way while studying.

finally did it

yes! i finally successfully to customize my blog!
i am so happy but its 1.12am now
got to sleepZzzzZzzz

and to my friends to go national service today
wan ching
boon peng
qi qian
wen leong
chun kiat
chun siong

good bye and take care~~

testing testing 123

this is me !!

i wan to create a blog so that i can express/convey myself during whatever emotion, or to vent my anger.

i wan to create this blog because i am finish SPm already, cannot study with my secondary frenz like past time,so i wish my friends can know my news/bulletin/story/feeling.......
so that next time we eat out,we will get some topics and this is a way to keep in touch/contact

i also wan to use this blog creating/editing to improve/enchance my english,hehehe

i create this blog because i saw many of my friends also make a blog
December 5, 2008

holiday? free>>>>

hai~~ holiday is starting and going now, i am also arrange many events to fill my holiday,but yet, dun know why,still feeling free. Perhaps because the event is not compact as during sitting for SPM gua~~~~

hai yo, always looking forward to the trip to genting and sunway lagoon,always thinking what to bring and how to decorate myself~~~

recently i had cut my hair , into a fringe ,but no pretty and before because my hair is curly genetically , its dominant gene from my father.Anyway, its a new look for me and i am trying to accept this new image .