December 28, 2008


一月10日和11日, 吉隆坡klcc有教育展,这是我朋友告诉我的,刚刚我问了我父母,他们都不允许我去.

(一) 我都已经决定要读STPM 了
(二) 上网找资料!也可以啊!

1. having a legal car licence
2. working
3. apply for national service,ask the authority to put me at second group (i am originaly third group)

4. study first option - matriculation
second option- STPM at kuantan
third option- STPM at TAR college

i have done this decisions because i had just ask opinion from my parents,since i am interest in many career from many industries,i can use my time thinking of my way while studying.

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