May 25, 2016

The Butterfly Project 3rd Birthday "Bake & Shop" Party

Happy 3rd Birthday to the Butterfly Project Malaysia!! 

In conjunction with the 3rd Birthday of the Butterfly Project Malaysia, Althea as the main sponsor of the events together has organised a really lovely pinkly girly party of us the butterflies! 

Well, If you were a beauty blogger in Malaysia, you probably heard about this previously, but if you never heard about it, The Butterfly Project Malaysia is actually one of the Beauty Blogger community founded by Mamasan Tammy Lim 3 years ago. 

I would say I proud to be one of the member in this blogger community, that honestly I had benefit a lot, get a lot of opportunities to attend beauty blogger events, invitation , review and so on. And today, I am glad that I got to attend the Butterfly Project Birthday Party in Delectable Su at Glasshouse Seputeh. 

With the theme "Bake & Shop" party, every of the Butterflies were given an apron upon registration to get our hands on 'Bakery" . 

Click this video to feel the butterfly-ly feeling of during the party. 

May 19, 2016


There were so many days in our life. But these day is one of the extra-ordinary day which I feel obliged to blog about it. Because I have taken a lot of pretty pretty photos! and it's a happy day for me!!

28th April 2016
Arrived KL in ETS. 

29th April 2016
Doing revision at home, 

30th APril 2016.
Saturday!! Attending 2 blogger events today!

Thank you my dear, my boy friend for fetching me to Sunway Pyramid for the first event. So Happy get to hang out after staying for 2 days at home.

The event start at 10am in Sunway Pyramid, so you can imagined there were still a lot shop is not yet open when I arrived. Found this cute Star Wars character mini statue and cant resist to not take a photo of them.

Selfie with one of the statue!

FOund  the venue. It is Tulip by That Latte Place located in Marrakesh Lane in SUnway Pyramid.

The design of the restaurant itself is homey, cozy and minimalistic to me, and Me like it!!

some of the food inker and me, my first intention of taking this photo is just to show my boyfriend, might as well just post here lar.

Present you some of the foods that we have reviewed on that day. Not all the foods are here, but you can view here for the food review =D

Both Stella (in-charge of Food Ink Blogger Communication) and me has nothing to do, so we just walked around to pass time. It was so nice to talk to her. She is humble and friendly. Our conversation remain polite but not so awkward. and you knows when girls shopping, we tend to ask opinion from each other. I got a few pieces eyeing on. But too bad, I am on limited budget. 

Anyway, it's so good to come Sunway Pyramid again after like 3 or 4 years since I last visited here. 
Also, I had a terrible encounter when taking uber in Sunway Pyramid. 

Then I went for my second event of the day, it was a Birthday Party with a theme of "Bake & Shop" party, a 3rd Birthday celebration of my favourite blogger community, Butterfly Project Malaysia.

I enjoyed this event so much , and my love to Butterfly Project Community has increased. I made a video for this event too. Click here video below to enjoy it! 

What a coincidence I bum into Lee Shin May , another food inker that went for Tulip food review just now! And of course , take photo with this pretty girl. 
Nice to meet you!! Lee Shin May.

Here are some of the behind the scene.

I didn't know that the decoration inside the pot was edible until I saw somebody eating it. And if you are a bakery, cookies, dessert lovers, here is definitely your favourite spot. Because I like their cookies, it is so milky, butter-ly and delight!

The end product of my deco-BB cushion using the decoration pack that resemble bakery. Each of us were given apron to do it too! Credit to Tammy Lim, the brain behind this birthday party!!

and I am so excited about by new BB cushion (new look), So I kept taking photo of me using this BB cushion.

At night, went back home for dinner. We went to Paradigm Mall after the dinner (with Ws's family). Simultaneously, my brother, JIan Xing was alone shopping around in Mid Valley since 4pm already. Feel a bit heartache for not able to company him since we were both in KL, and he needs me too.

Lesson of the story:
Life is full of making decision.
Work hard to buy a car so that I can go anywhere I wanted.

On the other hand, the baby is Hayden, the little cute nephew of WS.

So, that's the wrap up of my day on 30th April 2016. One of the joyful day in the month of April, A few days ahead of Final time final examination of my undergraduate study.

And I am so blessed so far to have encounter anything. And thank you Maple's Diary to have serve me good, Allow me to documentary my days here. Thank you to you who read my Maple's Diary too, and your support.

Hope you enjoy your day as well!

Food Review: Tulip by That Latte Place @ Sunway Pyramid

The name "Tulip" was born as the owner love coffee, and they always serve the Tulip Latte Art. 

It was a morning in the weekend when I first reached here. Tulip, a restaurant rested in Marrakesh Lane in Sunway Pyramid, it just opened 9th December 2015. Despite it's new coming into Sunway Pyramid, Tulip were not a stranger to this restaurant.

The founder of the Tulip, Priscilla and Marc are both a very humble and down-to-earth married couple. First venture into F&B by opening a cosy and easy cafe in Ampang, but now has been relocated to Cheras Connaught to cater the increasing crowd.

Earning their good name reputation in the first place, then their decent food got the attention of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall management, which then invited them to open their restaurant here.

Unlike the food in That Latte Place (Currently in Cheras Connaught, a more cafe style), the operation of Tulip here is more of a restaurant type. The selections of food here is more compare to the That Latte Place, eventhough both these 2 restaurant are siblings.

What I really like about the owner of Tulip is that, they didn't choose to open a franchise, but re-innovate it into another style that suit the shoppers in Sunway Pyramid. It has combo meals to cater for any office workers here, but also cater the family needs by setting up a kids corner.

Tulip, a restaurant serving great coffee and pork dishes humbly nested in Marrakesh Lane in Sunway Pyramid.

The cozy , homey environment with a touch of  minimalistic design of Tulip.

As much as they made great coffee, they served other drink such as infused tea, and arghh..I regreat not to order their Fresh watermelon juice that day.

The kids corner in Tulip, welcome family customer too. When the papa or mama were enjoying their cup of coffee, the kids could opt to play around in this corner.

They made it with another design of Tulip too. And yea, just wish to pose here. cause I like the background.

One must order this Signature Pork Chetta when visit here, Home roasted boneless pork, taste decently saltly, that was infused with various type of herbs and spices. complemented with the infused pork gravy.

The crunchy rolled of the roasted pork that produce a crispy sound whenever we cut on it is  the beginning of the nomming of this porchetta. Layered with the fat, meat, and skin together with the infused herbs, making this a balanced savoury, enjoyable dishes.

The pork was slow-roast for about half a day before it can be served the next day.  As it takes a long time for marinated and roasted and some other preparation, they usually serve only about 30 pieces of pork maximum in a day.

Due to the guilty  of taking too much of fat, I tried the cherry tomato at the side, the sauce on top of the cherry tomato, was equally wanderful as well.

On the side note, you can opt for add on to loaded it with some carbohydrate.
plaf rice  +Rm 3.9
mashed potatoes +Rm 5.9
mushroom pasta +Rm9.9

Their prime pork rib, serving in a generous size of half a kilo, was seasoned in rich spice rub and homemade BBQ sauce.

Honestly, I always having trouble cutting pork rib, and my previous experience telling me that pork rib is always hard to cut and hard to munch. The pork rib here were never too easy to munch like every pork rib does, but it is tender compare to the those I have tried.

Some of the other food bloggers like the Pork Ribs the most. And the savoury BBQ sauce really does it's magic to complement to Pork rib too!

Up next is my faourite "Siu Yuk" Egg Ben  Rm 19.90

Poached egg on top of the roasted porchetta rested on Homemade toast, serving with grilled mushroom  and healthy choice cherry tomata and cabbage. The combination of different texture that come together in one bite is unforgotten, and make me craving for more!

Bruschetta come with a choice of salmon, mushroom, and Bacon. It's a food porn by taking a sight of it. Top with mozzarella cheese and the side vegetables. Every bite of the meat is succulent, and addicting.

Bruschetta Melts 3 types combo Rm 23.90

If you have preferences to only one type of the meat, yes  you can have your choice of meats seperately too. 

Brushetta Melts Smoked Salmon Rm 18.90
Brushetta Melts Bacon Rm 16.90
Brushetta Melts Mushroom Rm 15.90

Creamy Salted Egg Carbonara with Crispy Battered Chicken  Rm 18.90

I like to eat carbonara, I expect this dishes to be milky, cheesy like carbonara. The light spicy of the chicken into the pasta delight me. But I don't really get to taste the Salted Egg flavour along the way. The chicken was crispy and juicy, but the pasta is ordinary for me. 

Bacon Baked Egg Rm 18.90

Serving with 3 pieces of streaky bacons and a sunny sides up in a pool of cheese. It is favourful but not too salty for the salty combo of everything. Serving up with the slides of italian bread.  One could easily be fulfilled by only this dishes.

Next we were served with drinks that was smooth and taste authentic

 Left    Iced Hazelnut Mocha Nutella – RM15
   Middle  Iced Coffee Float – RM10
Right   Mocha – RM10


There goes the array of foods for us, the diner. Thanks for Food Ink for the invitation.  And I wish to come here for the porchetta with a choice of mushroom pasta!! 

1, Signature Porchetta
2. "Siu Yuk" Egg Benedict
3. Bruschetta

Address: LG2.88, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall Jln PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Contact no:  016-850 3546

Business Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00am – 10.00pm

May 18, 2016

How to choose your job after graduated (For high aspiration individual)

I am pretty sure that one of the most common question that fresh graduate ask after completing their study is what to work?
 in Which field? 
Online job
and a lot other more. 

As I am taking Bachelor of Degree in English Language, I am quite puzzled sometimes, because my course equip me with most of the linguistic knowledge, checked here to see what I have study in my English language course.  So I can basically work with anything that deal with communication. 

The FAQ when I told people that I am studying English Language is that, 

Q: Do you want to become a teacher? 
A:(my answer is always the same, cause it's truth)Yea, I have been thinking about that. I never thought that I will studying English Language for Degree until I found out that Malaysia has high demand to English teacher, and all I wanted to do is to become a teacher. 

However, my course doesn't really equip me with the necessary teaching skill. There is another English Language course in my uni, known as Bachelor of Degree in English Education that is specilise for those who want to become a teacher. 

The reason that I didn't take up English Education in the first place because I thought that English Language will give a broader necessary skill. Like, by taking up English Language, you can not only becoming a teacher, but also a writer, a linguistic, a journalist and so on. (Anyway, we don't study anything about translation).

But my first choice is
1. Education field
2. Open a restaurant a cafe

The reason that I wish to open a restaurant or a cafe is that day, I was thinking what am I going to do after I retired? So I suddenly has this thought that since I like to eat so much, don't really like to cook, but sometimes I like to eat certain food I literally wish that I can just stay in that cafe, like the cafe owner, so this is how the idea of me, wishing to open a cafe look like. 

I mean my initial plan is that I have only these 2 ideas in mind. And along the way, I have found many jobs that I found out that I am interested too. (I am just literally interested in everything and want everything). 

For example, 
Property Manager
Waiter, or any management position in F&B field
Online food writer
Any job with high salary (cause I am willing to learn)

Hence, it is how in this way, I was leave with too much choice , and too many things to consider. Anyway, I am a bit digress here. 

All that I wanted to say is that, People if you are interested in anything, and manage to handle anyhting. I think you can at least choose a job that is not too challenging, but challenging to the extend where you can handle. (I know it's sounds a bit vague, but this is true.)

I will tell you why using Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domain. Basically, there were 6 cognitive domain when a learner pick up a new skill. Staring from the most easy and gradually move to those that require higher thinking skills. 


  you can read more in Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domain. 

What I recently realise is. Don't compromise to your competent cognitive domain when you can. For example, Don't work as a waiter (no offence to those who working as waiter, just that the task of a waiter generally less challenging than a writer), when you can work as a writer that require cognitive ability such as creating. 

Do not understand? 
Never mind, I will show you step by step on how to understand. 

First, read Bloom's taxonomy learning domain and understand it. 
Second, continue to read this post. 

The table below is the cognitive domain skill that I have category into 4 parts with example of activities and occupation under each of the categories. 

You can also download  PDF format of this file HERE.

I guess you have better understanding of what I means. 
First, choose which category of cognitive domain you belongs too. 

For example, 
I think I can manage and belongs to Grey Continuum part. So cognitively, don't go for those job that is lower that require cognitive skills. 

Of course, there might be affective skills that attach to some simple job like I am interested to work as a waiter, because I like to talk, I enjoy interacting with people. For maybe a salesgirl in Uniqlo because I like fashion, and working as an employee will get cheaper price. All these were the little things that came into my mind when I am making decision. 

I always have dilemma in choosing. I means a high pay job even in the field that I am not intended to would be acceptable too. But people, whatever is it, just follow your heart. 

Ending this post with some great quotation that I found quite inspired. 

I don't care about failing
I do not want to sit down in my old years 
and say
'How come I didn't try?"
Tony Fernandes, Founder of Air Asia. 

This is quote that motivate me to chase my dream deeply. 

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” 
― Steve Jobs

With that, I am continue to hunt for my dream job now! Bye! 
May 8, 2016

Hanna & Kent Home Facial Spa (Aqua Boost) Review

Hi!! It's been quite some times since I last update my blog. These recently I always sleep late and feel sorry to my skin. I found this Home Facial Spa while packing for hostel moving and decided to use it.

I bought it last time during my visit to Penang in Queensbay Mall. According to the sales girl, the concept of Home Facial Spa is created to resemble the concept of having intensive treatment at home. And I am someone who is aqua-loving, so this is quite tempting. But another reason that prompt me to bought this is because the product is paraben free, and the ingredients looks like very healthy. Less alcohol. and look like it's all from Plant Origin. So, out of curious, I bought it to try =D

by the way, the mask allocate quite small area to fit in my eyes, have to adjust to make it fit.

Hanna & Kent Home Facial Spa consist of 
Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Scrub (10ml)
Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Serum (5ml)
Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask (3 pieces) 

Rm 95.30

Recommended for 3 times use.

Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Scrub

The cream like texture consist of  tiny little grains, that does it justice to  remove the dead skin on my face, and leave my face extra moisture than usual.

Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Serum

the packaging is quite small. But it's effiiciancy of absorbing into skin, make me like this the most!

Packaging: Porcelain-colour glass bottle with glass dropper. 

I like the subtle pleasant fragrance from the Serum, unlike the fragrance in Mask, it's a bit overwhelming for me.

Texture: Crystal clear like water, but less flow-ly compare to water. It has ABSORB REALLY FAST into my skin! I try it on my face, the serum being absorbed after 2 or 3 motion of circulate massage. Then I tried it on my hand, it absorb after a few patting also. Without any stickiness, and leave it like normal skin!

Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Bio-cellulose Mask

Like that it present itself in Bio-Cellulose Mask.

Pro: (The special features of Bio-Cellulose Mask)

In case if you still wandering what is Bio-cellulose Mask, here are the link from SIngapore Her World Magazine and Bel Mondo Beauty


Hard to Apply, very soft and get crumble easily.
Expensive, cost around Rm 13 to get one Bio-cellulose mask


Immediately after the spa, there is a cooling sensation when I touched my skin. My cheek feel supple but my forehead doesn't show any diferences. (Could be due to I am combination skin type)

When I woke up the next morning, I didnt feel anything refresh or any positive change. And the essence on the mask doesnt really absorb into the skin because I felt a little of stickyness on my face while washing my face.

Will I buy this Home Facial Spa again?
I not sure if this will work only if you use frequently, but I don't see any change after 1 time use. The selling point of Hanna & Kent product is that it is free of Paraben and the use of it's ingredients is mainly from Plant origin.

Considering Rm 95.30 for 3 times use... I will keep look for a better alternative(that is similarly Paraben free and health concious one) that can work better than this product.