May 25, 2016

The Butterfly Project 3rd Birthday "Bake & Shop" Party

Happy 3rd Birthday to the Butterfly Project Malaysia!! 

In conjunction with the 3rd Birthday of the Butterfly Project Malaysia, Althea as the main sponsor of the events together has organised a really lovely pinkly girly party of us the butterflies! 

Well, If you were a beauty blogger in Malaysia, you probably heard about this previously, but if you never heard about it, The Butterfly Project Malaysia is actually one of the Beauty Blogger community founded by Mamasan Tammy Lim 3 years ago. 

I would say I proud to be one of the member in this blogger community, that honestly I had benefit a lot, get a lot of opportunities to attend beauty blogger events, invitation , review and so on. And today, I am glad that I got to attend the Butterfly Project Birthday Party in Delectable Su at Glasshouse Seputeh. 

With the theme "Bake & Shop" party, every of the Butterflies were given an apron upon registration to get our hands on 'Bakery" . 

Click this video to feel the butterfly-ly feeling of during the party. 

Of course, this party couldn't be more merrier without the sponsor from Althea. We were given Rm 150 credit from Althea to do 30 mins shopping and choose the item we want from Althea! 

The pink setting up of the party. 
We can decorate our cookies too! 
Edible Terrarium , nice to see, nice to EAT too! 

Meet Aliza, a very sweet and kind hearted girl from

The registration desk. The man at the right is Mr Frank, the CEO of Althea. 

The MC of the day, Dee Leonard welcomed us, and I tell you, the environment there is quite relax and funny, you probably keep hearing laughter here and there. credits to him for the humorous and make us chill! 

On the left is Tammy Lim, Mamasan of the Butterfly Project Malaysia, aka the blogger at

Pinky, and pastel colour everywhere, and everyone was looking forward to the activities that awaiting us. 

and my big face , see how everyone listen and taking photo so attentively =D

The BB cushion (on the left) that I have done! 

With Innanie Ariffin, a very friendly blogger from

And there go us with our masterpiece. 

cant wait to see use BB cushion! 

Then, we were given 30 mins to do Althea Shopping online, and there is a selfie contest for this too! I didn't take pic on this part, but I recorded about it!

We were also free to take any cookies on the dessert table, and decorated it as well. I didnt get to decorate any cookies, but I tried some of them, and it is delicious!

At the end of the day, it is prize giveaway, there were 2 activities for prize giving ceremony. The first one is the 20 Most creative/Beautiful decorated BB cushion, and yours truly is the 4th BB cushion that get picked up!! Yeah!! and of course I won a Beauty Egg for that. Haven have the time to open until now.

Then it is instagram selfie contest for the instagram shopping photos. I didnt get to win any. But still congrats to those who make it!

Last but not least, remember to watch my video about the events, not all the activities were shown in picture here, but most of the activities were shown in the video!! and some exclusive one....hehehe.

Altheaing with Mr Frank, the CEO of Althea.

Tammy!!! You will love her if you get to meet her!!

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