June 17, 2016

My First Photoshooting

Hi, my dear readers. I am gradually return!! Previously, I was so stuck with my Final Year Project , and travel to Singapore right after my final. I have some time to settle down. Before I even have time to completely settle down,  I found a job, and luckily it is my dream job.

They said .........Change is Constant.
This is so true!

Alright, back to our topic today, I just had my first ever photoshoot. I like to take photos, and I like to be a subject of photography too! Since I was travelling to Singapore, so I thought , hey, why not asked my friend, Esther who fall crazily for photography to do a photoshoot on me?

So yea, both of us discussed our plan, our ideas online a lot. My idea of photoshooting is Myself, meaning a photoshoot that display my personality, so I prefer to go with to go with make up just sufficient to make myself pretty, but Esther's idea was that I can go with natural theme any other time, like any other usual time, like when you travel, you can randomly ask someone to take photo for you.

I put my trust for her. Since she had taken several potrait photographies previously. And I do not know how to gauge the intensity of the flashlight that will make my face look pale. After viewing her photos, then only I knew that she is more into potrait photography, means photos show people's face, rather than whole body shoot.)

However, when I saw the outcome, everyone who view the photos told me the same thing. Your make up was too heavy.

I agreed on that too. Firstly, it didn't display my personality, as I don't usually put on HEAVY make up. Secondly, you definitely need to put on make up to make yourself look less pale, especially under flashlight, but not too over.

Furthermore, it's very hard to gauge the intensity of the make up, some look extra good with heavy make up, some like me, it make me look like zombie. Heavy make up under yellow light will generally look good on everyone, but not under natural light, especially when you go outdoor during daylight.

Anyway, I still thanks Esther for taking up her time to give me a photoshooting, dress me up , and  makeover for me. I have given my first time to you!

Alright, enough of crapping. Let's pic do the talking. We took 2 days to do the photoshooting of 2 different themes.

Theme for first day, Gothic & Sexy. 

Location: Haji Lane, Singapore. 

I know this is not sexy, but this is me!

I laughed so hard when I saw this pic. I thought I will look sexy when I am not laughing. BUT the outcome is...Totally OPPOSITE OF IT~~

Now, I understand why some people said Smile is the Best Make Up

Esther, a very hardworking and passionate lady. You can feel her enthusiasm merely through the lens. Do you?

Thanks to Ah Lai for helping us along the shoot. She carried a lot, and my belonging along the way.

The best angle when you put on falsie. 

Theme No 2: Fairy angle in a garden, but not-so-likely.

Location: East Coast Park

Another photo that reminds me....I shouldn't sit idly all the time! 

The professional photographer, complete with all her weightless, UV protection attire! 

Thank you Esther for all the nice photos! People, if you like her photography, you can ask from her service here.

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