March 25, 2013

YNOT Graffiti Competition by RWGenting

 This is a graffiti that display in Alpha Jln Semantan bus stop have you seen this before??

Talking about Graffiti, I never watch any Graffiti art competition in Malaysia, I don't know this kind of activity happen before or not. But Now....

Resorts World Genting has organise YNOT Graffiti Competition, if I get the invitation, I would have the chance to watch how Street Art working in real life! (before this, only watch in TV )SO , to organizer, invite me invite me~~

Another graffiti in  Aswara Ampang

why YNOT?
I scrolled through their website, 
its a YNOT from Why not.

 Why not society give a chance to Graffiti lover to show their talents? Bcoz they didn't get permission to use the wall

Why not we try something else ? Why everybody fear of FAILED

Why not we try to think other ways to solve this out?

Why not we just let them try and something out of awesomely expectation will be produce?

Because of this WhY nOt, Resort World Genting has decided to give Graffiti Lover to show their passion toward Graffiti art. The top 40 finalist(from both student category and open category) would be invited to paint their artwork
on 11th and 12th April 2013 with the unveiling ceremony scheduled on 13th and 14th of April 2013.

In conjunction with the Graffiti Art Competition, Resort World Genting have installed 8 masterpieces (prepared by 3 colleges & 2 artists), not the participants' graffiti on 8 bus shelters around Klang Valley. Did anyone of you see this at the following bus stop???

 Alpha Lebuh Bandar Utama from Alpa College

IACT Jalan Barat

IACT Jalan University

Nazmi Jalan Sultan Ismail

Aswara Jalan Pudu (My top 2 favourite)

Chekri Jalan raja Chulan (Love this Graffiti the most!)

Click here to view who the masterpiece owner!

The selected finalists will then be invited to paint their artworks according to their submitted concept at Resorts World Genting on 11th and 12th April 2013 with the unveiling ceremony scheduled on 13th and 14th of April 2013.

You can view and vote the participants' masterpices here.I voted already, it took sometimes to loading....

So you are interest like me, wish to watch the live show of Graffiti Art, mark your calender and make your way now. =)

Mr lens

Which girl on the earth who don't like to dress yourself nicely? I bet the answer is no,right? (you are welcome to drop your comment here if you are no)

I came accross this website when I was reading blog from my friend. At the I was intereting at the affliate program, but then later on when I check out their website, the contacts lens they sold is really cheaper than outside.To illustrate this, Freshkon colourblends which I guess sell at Rm 60-70 even when they are doing promotion. Its Rm 39.00 (excluded delivery) at this site. So for those who wear contact lens, but don't which to wear contact lens that is sell Rm 10-15 at pasar malam which is not guarantee (I don't dare to take the risk to buy at pasar malam , because last time I saw the pics of before and after wearing contact lens in FB dun noe what time ago)

Needless to say more, headed to Mr Lens to watch yourself ba! For those who live in Klang Valley,the delivery is free. Rm 6 will be charge for area other than KV. Sabah, sarawak another rate.

Affliate Programme

Actually, the blog post that I saw is about the affliate programme with Mr Lens,
By becoming an affiliate partner with MrsLens you can start earning $$ via your website, blog or email. Your readers will click the banners which directs them to If they like what they see and make a purchase, you get up to 10% reimbursement of advertising costs! Everything else will be handle by MrLens and you can check your affiliate account to see how much you have earned. 
 Click here for a more detailed information.

Terms & Conditions:

1. This contest is open to any bloggers in Malaysia only from today until 31/3/2013.
2. Become a MrLens affiliate just by registering Please read the terms & conditions to ensure you're well aware of how it works.
3. If you blog about the affiliate program you get a welcome gift from MrLens (2 Boxes of Freshlook Colorblends worth RM180, any color/power based on availability). Please ensure your affiliate banner stays min. 1 month to qualify! (anti-cheat security).
4. Welcome Gift code be emailed to you in after campaign ends, so you can go to MrLens to redeem your preferred Freshlook Colorblends contact lenses. Free shipping for those staying in the Klang Valley. Outstation needs to pay for posting RM6 - RM10. Please check shipping rates at No refunds or exchanges for this campaign.
5. BONUS! everyone who participates will be in the camera lucky draw to win a Nikon Coolpix 300 worth RM1.2k.

Universite Video Contest

Bofore I switch on my computer this morning, I planned to blog about Dr lens which I will get 2 boxes of freshkon lens for free. But now I want to blog about a video contest that I took part recently la.

If you don't know(but I hope u know la)I have taken part in a video contest using my first self made video, that organise by a group in Facebook, Universite.Just in case you don't know what is universite, its establish to union all the Malaysia university students.So as to serve as a platform for exchanging information among university

I know right,each of us who study have a lot of friends from other universities too, why need to form this group? This is first that come in my mind when I saw the objective. But then my friend explain it further, the points that I understand is,when we have some suggestion, we can stand as a group. though we have friends from other university, but we mostly just talking about each personal life or school life when meet, we seldom discuss about school issues, formal things and things kinda like this.

So, if you are interest, you can join this group here.

I am glad that universite organise this event, it really serve a platform for me to show off my video! Xp Not to say my video is the best, but since I put on a lot of efford on it, and I make it for entertaining, I hope everyone will view it.

And Guess what?I am the first runner up for the video contest! (the panel will first choose the best 5, and the rest is determined by voting).

Thanks to all who vote for me

I really appreciate for each of you who vote for me, and thanks a lot for those whom share this to your frieds, I gain some votes for some people I dun know,mostly from UTAR or Tarc college, I dun know whether its coming from my sister Soo Ann, or my friend Zoe Yinz, or other people, anyway,still thanks a lot!

Even for me,I spam a lot people in FB to get the vote.(I dun simply spam, I only spam people I knew)And sorry for those who think this is annoying.Thank you for responded by ignoring.

Back to video, I watch  the videos of the rest 4 participants, I found out that the video "A-sigh-ment" is really great.Its the type of entertaining video that I usually watch, like Ryan Higa, Jinny boy, stuff about funny Malaysian facts or something that happen in our life everyday.

If I am not a participant, I would probably vote a good video.Thanks to SH and universite vote for me despite that my video is not the best. I would definitely try to help next time if possible.

Since, the contest is over already, I can share the a-sigh-ment video that I think is great here.

can't believe its production from a brunch Intian, got the standard of Ryan Higa or Jinny boy.During the earlier of the video, it resemble the 101 Excuses from Jinny Boy.Worth to watch oso!

Been talking a lot, I am the first runner up for the video contest! Once again, thanks to those who vote for me!I am motivated =)

If you have not yet to view my video, this is the first part, view it to find out its interesting or not la

March 24, 2013

only iN KL

I go to Mid Valley(MV) sometimes during weekend at afternoon, by driving, those cars are a lot.You can spot some empty car parks when a car want to go out, but there are many are cars wanted to space too. End up, I paid Rm 3 for ntg =.=

I learnt the lesson, then I park my car in KL sentral, I thought it would be easier so that I no need to compete with other driver to snatch a parking lot. Guess what, the parking rate in KL sentral is far a lot horrible. Rm4 per hour(everyday), I have to pay Rm 32.50 just for the parking fee in KL sentral....WTF. Rm 30 can use to fill my oil tank to the max ady lo.....

Earth hour in KL sentral. only once in a year, as precious as your birthday!! LOL

 After the brightening effect

me and them

BTW, dear my friends, I am free from now until Thurday, find me yc when have!
March 10, 2013

The next 10 days after my final's final

1st day 

movie and dinner with sin yue and her friend

2nd day

make up class with soo and donn
 Us before make up
 Post like superstar after make up

3rd day (Sunday)
a hilarious day
pay to burn under the sun- Taman Botani Negara Shah Alam
Bicycle riding from 12-3pm

have pakistan cuisine with my another friend after that

4th day (Monday)
face the screen from wake up until now,
now 4.38pm, blogging before I off my computer,
will going to have thai cuisine with my dear ex-housemate after that

 With my girls =)

 All of us dress up so nicely, we been awaiting for this moment so much. My 2 twin sisters said they dun even dress up that way during CNY

 So, how can I missed the chance to shoot the whole figure look with them~~

5th day (Tuesday)
I have forgotten what I had done on Tuesday
Went to their hostel and have lunch with them,

6th day (Wednesday)

A happy day! Went to Ipoh and went to Kinta River Front. A really romantic place
 America Pizzeria...Michelangelo in Ipoh, Somewhere around Tesco there. Cute graphic on their wall.

 WS ordered one, dun noe what he ordered.Drooling? I am

 He knew I would upload all these on my blog, so without me to suggest, he already snapped =)

I found out that we kept eat on western cuisine these days, I think you can learn how to cook Chicken chop for me ady, I wan both black pepper and mushroom

 Next stop, went to this place that I suggested to him after reading Xiao Wen's blog, its a bit hard to go for first timer, we kept on revolving around the area because its along the river.

 Le nice scenery of Kinta river Front, the breeze and the night scene really sooth me down~~~(if one day all this decoration can shift to UTP riverside, then it must be wonderful!)

7th day (Thursday)

Went to Mahathir's talk: Graduate in 21st Century

 See, they said the Chancellor Hall is seldom full to the max, some people even sat at the corridor

 Before start, see the VIP seats still empty

ING, everyone was listening attentively

Can't you believe he is 87 already??

How influence he is, it remind me last time when I read a reference book, essay, the title was "My Idol is Prime Minister" the persona is talking about YAB Tun Dr Mahathir coz Mahathir was PM that time.

8th day (Friday)
A sob day coz our date is come to an end

 Dory fish the second time, the fun fries is salty

Me with bare make up, but WS like it =P

9th day (Saturday)
going to make up class, waking up in the early morning ,like duh ='*
 Donn with wind effect

 Due to wake up damn early, despite having breakfast= porridge, forever hungry, eating like gobble

 I kept convincing myself:

I could look better under yellow light,
I could look better under yellow light.....

I looked better under yellow light! tested in MV's toilet

10th day (Sunday)

Update my blog today, its 6.30pm , and its 7.48pm now, luckily I have my dinner already. before I end my this post, I want to tell people who think that I hanging out all the days, I am not, just tat I just completed my final and holiday right now. Any part time job around KL or Kemaman recommend??

Skin care and Beauty

because I just learnt how to make up recently, so I been in the temperature to find a good skin care product. Because, before you learn how to possess a good make up skill, its important to learn how to perform your skin care properly, ain't Me correct? =)

FYI, I just went to basic make up class for 2 lessons, 3 hours each lesson, I got it from Street deal, Rm135 for 3 people, you can join you are interest

 Learn the skin care routine before daily natural make up

 make up-ing

I guess you know why am I not inside, right? coz its impossible to ask people shoot for me when students were busy learning, and teacher was busy guiding.

I actually quite reluctant to upload this pic, coz my eyes like so bulging out.Anyway, its still me =)

Our make up teacher, Vinz Chong taught us how to make eyes look bigger without eyeliner but eye shadows as replacement. But I think me only look nice with eyeliner.Envy with others coz they look well with eye shadow.

I actually attend to a make up class last time after SPM, coz I realised how the power of make up make every girl so beautiful, but then I don't practice it after that, the thing that I practice the most is to learn how to trim my eyebrow, too much of last time, back to topic

So, since I learnt it, I should I start to practise it, even a secondary girl know how to make up ady. But before I start to practise on how to make up, I should protect my face so that my face won't get worse with my awful make up skill,hahaha.

I have to some research on skin care routine and here is the list of link for my reference.

not yet read thoroughtly, put here because the product are easily found in Malaysia

This is where I learnt Hada Labo Cleanser can scrub off our dead skin

put here first, the products are quite branded that I can't afford.And I sure that I could find some other products of the same function with lower price yet efficiently =)

I remember our make up teacher told us, any product that will produce foam, rub it in your hand first, but  not rubbing for the foam on FACE.

So excited when I got to see Natural republic Soothing Gel in Farenhiet yesterday, and it only cost Rm 32.90, I didn't buy it coz I want to see there is another option.But I think most propably will bought this, after survey in the face shop, the body shop, etc. Fragrance free!

her skin is really young, like baby skin from what I see from the photo. Miyome keep on promoting, can imagine the tiny size of Miyome, many blogger celebrity are using it. but so expensive.Rm110. She use Haba Labo tonner also!

beauty box
Mivva box

Rm 38 include post

I don't the link of Mivva Box here, because you cant get direct access to it even you go to their website, you still have to register and so forth. So I choose a blogger link about Mivva coz I know they are many bloggers blog about it. Choose this link because her link is super informative and she got it from her bf!

Wonder box
Rm39.90, gotta try this next time

Liliac Box
Liliac box review here

 Okay, I end my post here with my dinner make up look
Like very heavy, look fierce if I didn't smile

March 5, 2013

Step Up Revolution to me

Despite that I am quite hungry right now, I am in a holy high spirit to blog about the movie that I watched just now

Step Up Revolution

I finally manage to watch it , I mean I have time to watch and I have the DVD with me, I told myself, Right after my final, I want to use my ang pao money to buy an original Step Up Revolution, and I did it!Let's not crapping much about this now.

I like the last part of the mob, the unity mob with Mr Bill Anderson.Actually, I don't really get the entire idea of the movie, coz I watch it without subtitle.
The choreography of Unity Mob is amazingly incredible. The music , the setting, the everything, and many stunts, and I was quite excited about the appearance of the crews from Step Up 3, Moose, and his Japanese Girl Friend, and the dude who could master the Robot dance really well.

Overall, this storyline of this SUR is bit of common, lame, but the chorepgraphy of every mob are surprise. Let me think...

The mob in SUR:
@1@ Miami Beach Mob,okay la, nice dance move also, just that a lot of heavy metal element.

 @2@ Musuem Mob

@3@ The fine dining Mob

But I don't like the heavy metal element.Other than that, I understood that contemporary dance is not really entertaining, not really enjoying to watch too, well,at least I could felt it through dance it .=)

@4@ Meeting Mob

or Mob for Miami

@5@ Revenge Mob or I would rather say it a Betrayal Mob, sound so much evil~~~dun like the word " Betrayal"

 @6@ the final Mob,The Unity Mob

The mob that I super in love!!! I guess if you have the same feeling with me too =)

and one reason that make me so much in love about this is the apprearance of MOOSE! BTW, his real name is Adam Sevani

and not only Moose

 but Moose and also his friends from Step Up 3

but he and his crew apprearance is bit of short...shortly shorty~~

 and not forget the crazy fake suicide stunt, that I laugh awhile for the surprise moment

The choreographer
Christopher Scott

Travis Wall
Jesus Chuck Maldonado

Stunt Coordinator
 Chick Bernhard

So, that is it about my review about SUR.before I end the post

C- for Creativity
E- for Expressiveness