March 5, 2013

Step Up Revolution to me

Despite that I am quite hungry right now, I am in a holy high spirit to blog about the movie that I watched just now

Step Up Revolution

I finally manage to watch it , I mean I have time to watch and I have the DVD with me, I told myself, Right after my final, I want to use my ang pao money to buy an original Step Up Revolution, and I did it!Let's not crapping much about this now.

I like the last part of the mob, the unity mob with Mr Bill Anderson.Actually, I don't really get the entire idea of the movie, coz I watch it without subtitle.
The choreography of Unity Mob is amazingly incredible. The music , the setting, the everything, and many stunts, and I was quite excited about the appearance of the crews from Step Up 3, Moose, and his Japanese Girl Friend, and the dude who could master the Robot dance really well.

Overall, this storyline of this SUR is bit of common, lame, but the chorepgraphy of every mob are surprise. Let me think...

The mob in SUR:
@1@ Miami Beach Mob,okay la, nice dance move also, just that a lot of heavy metal element.

 @2@ Musuem Mob

@3@ The fine dining Mob

But I don't like the heavy metal element.Other than that, I understood that contemporary dance is not really entertaining, not really enjoying to watch too, well,at least I could felt it through dance it .=)

@4@ Meeting Mob

or Mob for Miami

@5@ Revenge Mob or I would rather say it a Betrayal Mob, sound so much evil~~~dun like the word " Betrayal"

 @6@ the final Mob,The Unity Mob

The mob that I super in love!!! I guess if you have the same feeling with me too =)

and one reason that make me so much in love about this is the apprearance of MOOSE! BTW, his real name is Adam Sevani

and not only Moose

 but Moose and also his friends from Step Up 3

but he and his crew apprearance is bit of short...shortly shorty~~

 and not forget the crazy fake suicide stunt, that I laugh awhile for the surprise moment

The choreographer
Christopher Scott

Travis Wall
Jesus Chuck Maldonado

Stunt Coordinator
 Chick Bernhard

So, that is it about my review about SUR.before I end the post

C- for Creativity
E- for Expressiveness

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