March 24, 2013

only iN KL

I go to Mid Valley(MV) sometimes during weekend at afternoon, by driving, those cars are a lot.You can spot some empty car parks when a car want to go out, but there are many are cars wanted to space too. End up, I paid Rm 3 for ntg =.=

I learnt the lesson, then I park my car in KL sentral, I thought it would be easier so that I no need to compete with other driver to snatch a parking lot. Guess what, the parking rate in KL sentral is far a lot horrible. Rm4 per hour(everyday), I have to pay Rm 32.50 just for the parking fee in KL sentral....WTF. Rm 30 can use to fill my oil tank to the max ady lo.....

Earth hour in KL sentral. only once in a year, as precious as your birthday!! LOL

 After the brightening effect

me and them

BTW, dear my friends, I am free from now until Thurday, find me yc when have!

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