March 25, 2013

Universite Video Contest

Bofore I switch on my computer this morning, I planned to blog about Dr lens which I will get 2 boxes of freshkon lens for free. But now I want to blog about a video contest that I took part recently la.

If you don't know(but I hope u know la)I have taken part in a video contest using my first self made video, that organise by a group in Facebook, Universite.Just in case you don't know what is universite, its establish to union all the Malaysia university students.So as to serve as a platform for exchanging information among university

I know right,each of us who study have a lot of friends from other universities too, why need to form this group? This is first that come in my mind when I saw the objective. But then my friend explain it further, the points that I understand is,when we have some suggestion, we can stand as a group. though we have friends from other university, but we mostly just talking about each personal life or school life when meet, we seldom discuss about school issues, formal things and things kinda like this.

So, if you are interest, you can join this group here.

I am glad that universite organise this event, it really serve a platform for me to show off my video! Xp Not to say my video is the best, but since I put on a lot of efford on it, and I make it for entertaining, I hope everyone will view it.

And Guess what?I am the first runner up for the video contest! (the panel will first choose the best 5, and the rest is determined by voting).

Thanks to all who vote for me

I really appreciate for each of you who vote for me, and thanks a lot for those whom share this to your frieds, I gain some votes for some people I dun know,mostly from UTAR or Tarc college, I dun know whether its coming from my sister Soo Ann, or my friend Zoe Yinz, or other people, anyway,still thanks a lot!

Even for me,I spam a lot people in FB to get the vote.(I dun simply spam, I only spam people I knew)And sorry for those who think this is annoying.Thank you for responded by ignoring.

Back to video, I watch  the videos of the rest 4 participants, I found out that the video "A-sigh-ment" is really great.Its the type of entertaining video that I usually watch, like Ryan Higa, Jinny boy, stuff about funny Malaysian facts or something that happen in our life everyday.

If I am not a participant, I would probably vote a good video.Thanks to SH and universite vote for me despite that my video is not the best. I would definitely try to help next time if possible.

Since, the contest is over already, I can share the a-sigh-ment video that I think is great here.

can't believe its production from a brunch Intian, got the standard of Ryan Higa or Jinny boy.During the earlier of the video, it resemble the 101 Excuses from Jinny Boy.Worth to watch oso!

Been talking a lot, I am the first runner up for the video contest! Once again, thanks to those who vote for me!I am motivated =)

If you have not yet to view my video, this is the first part, view it to find out its interesting or not la

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