February 24, 2011


i just found it out today.

Access Soccer

C in access is read as assess
C in soccer is read as socker

i want to know more about it!

english week

i love my day today!
hahaha,today i just enjoying .
Since today is the finale of the english week, parents were also invited to join us. Our students had showing off a series of funny,interesting, cute performance.

there are story telling, poem recitation, choral speaking and song presentation by our little cute year1,2 ,3 students ^^,they are all freakishly awesome!(this is a quote from Jya Cyn,hahaha)

i really love my day today!

prize giving ceremony: Miss Fariza is sincere,she kiss almost every of her students who went on the stage. Thats why i think she is sincere. She treat everyone there like family. Like eventhough she is head principle, she will take drink for them,feed them sometimes!

Year 3: you are my sunshine...my only sunshine...

guess who was the piano player??

choral speaking, you can even view the video later on at youtube.
they were all did their best!
though i am not involve in training them, i am proud of them^^
they had been work hard through it.And we know it.

In a nutshell,i like my day today.
February 19, 2011


i look pale,i know
at lobby there,hahaha,still in the ambience of CNY,but then yesterday midnight,when i reached the lobby,i saw the worker had started to detach the light decoration already.

play the venice gondola with my youngest bro only, 3 of them didn't bought the ticket, they thought it more worthy to snap pic and shopping instead of playing the game in theme park.No wonder, we played so much time before. Since my brother insist to play, i will accompany him also,since i had a long time didn't play already. But what keep bearing in my mind is........(hahaha,just use your imagination or see how far u know me)

i miss my long hair~~~
i tried some apparels there also, the apparel told me that i am more suitable to match those clothes with long hair....


ya,its true,instead i think my current hairstyle doesn't match my wearing pattern as well.
i am request for elegant.

bulge eyes,dislike

February 10, 2011

my CNY 2011




热闹吧?哈哈哈,全部都是很close 的亲戚噢!

a candid snap of my sister


my attire, i think the外套not very match

blur but yet got the feel

comment comment,i need your feedback