June 18, 2011

Aenon health farm,Negeri Sembilan

met adorable kids there!!
high tea? dinner? I forgot. BTW, I always look forward to meal, hehe, no doubt, I am avarice.
me trying to make to roti canai, and I started to enter kitchen and learn to cook after came back from Aenon
joggin every morning, I enjoy watch the breathtaking view here^^
all of the health guess, taken before some of the singapore friend's leave

well i think he is quite leng zai, he is one of the therapist there!

note the blue shirt aunty, she is energetic, a happy go lucky lady!! note that her hair root is black in colour, ask her why

me and Miss Liew, a friendly and kind aunty from Kuantan.
east coast geng! and the man is the down-to-earth doctor there.
yeah, we are finally break fast!! drunk the potato broth which is liquid.Because, we only consume liquid during the fasting, hence we must start off with semi-liquid food first, (To stomach: its enough of u to rest, now its your time to start your work again )

met my new friend, she is so lovely!!
according to bible, we, as a human being need to rest, this is why we have weekend, during the weekend, all the crew of AEnon will take a rest and regain their energy to work again!! Health guess like us take this advantage to visit the shopping center there!
see, this is only breakfast. Because to kick off our day, we start with the most rich meal, and follow by so so lunch and since our stomach need to rest when we sleep, dinner is simple to prepare us to sleep.
our masterpiece nice? me and Miss Liew
had been go to Aenon Health farm located inside Tampin, Negeri Sembilan,

went there for 9 days, long right? hahaha

met a few new friends there, they are so nice!!

Through this health lifestyle program, i had have been learn a lot, spiritualy full and stomach full and of course back with in the pink of health!!!!Sadly, now my fingers, my palms and my ankle return to previous mood, scrape always and itchy.The aunty i met there so good, they will hit me once i scratch on it! but now, no more people will do like that to me~~~

and one more good news, my mom say my scar on neck there, become smaller ady^^

but when i go to see doctor the next day, he said that my cut is healing with flesh inside come out and combine together. and the medicine to soften the scar~~Rm 110,omg!!!!damn expensive de~~haiz, must use it wisely, even some of the facial care product is a lot cheaper compare to it.

the first meal after fasting. it was potato juice, only juice!

actually, there were two rainbows there. One is obvious, and another one is fader~