January 27, 2011
i think i had been mention before, that my english was not very good when i was studying primary school. I had even failed in english during year 5 / standard 5 assessment. I vividly remember that i was the only one who failed in the class. My english teacher that time was so angry that she pinch my ear in front of everybody, i felt embarrass. I started to brush up on my english command , writting especially and i was so lucky to get an A for english during UPSR.

Because of these, my english is actually very poor, but yet i still afford to survive during in the major examination like PMR,SPM. I started to get well result during secondary school,as they just test on your english by written test only, there is no speaking.

During my time in EIS(Ekhlass International School), you have to do anything with english, it is like english is our lingua franca,communicate,writting......And i just realise that my pronunciation is very poor that sometime my students will correct for me.


Actually,i did feel shamed when the students correct the pronounce for me. But curiosity had overcome that, i rather my students correct on me though i felt shamed ,because this is the time for me the rectify all of that.

January 23, 2011

New hair cut


on going


intend to have a short hair since my hairs always is easily fall off,hehe
and here is it.Overall , this is my first time to cut to such a short hair and well it did look nice i think. what is your comment???

a birthday bash

20th Jan 2011
there was a birthday bash for a cute little girl^^
the girl name syafika,her sister work as a teacher there.They are so kind that they give every pupils and teachers a memento. Its something like a cute stuff wrap by pretty plastic like that,cute and delicate^^
and here there is,a rabbit alarm in the plastic bag,hahahaha. i used to call it as 防狼器,because one you open the cap(the feet), then it will come out with loud alarm ,so whenever you face danger,then you just pull of the cap,then the rabbit will be rang,scare away the enemy,hahahaha.
Its not expensive though(what did you expect to get when sb give you and somemore its not your birthday),

but its a special gift indeed.
well, my bf say that you won't use it,no body is interest on you.
well well,just kept it for safely then

January 22, 2011
indeed only about 2 weeks i staying there,i felt that i had already learnt a lot,though that i feel tension everyday,but i started to get to used to it . i think this condition will becoming less and eventually gone day by day.hahahaha

know why does me feel tension???
because i have to wake up early every working day.....

at first ,i think becoming a teacher is a good choice,(but now its still a good choice,nvr change),why am i saying its a good choice,i mean it because becoming a teacher
1 . you not need to work everyday
2. you can work half day
3. you can learn a lot (the experience of teaching, learning of how to handle the playful kids, somemore teaching in international school,i can speak english all the time,hahaha, do u know that even the pupils there are able to correct my conversation,it might be grammar mistakes or pronunciation .Yes, i did feel shame,that why i must all the way possible to trigger my english command,so do correct my english if i am spoken wrongly or type wrong here.)
4. the salary................consider high so me,but hehe,intend to ask the principle to add up my salary later, and i will prepared myself so that i am deserve to get that price.

Last thursday, i had learn that not teaching the children to keep on asking the same question,MIss SuShee told me this. She didn't told me directly,but i got her point. And yes indeed,after that i think on this matter, my teaching way will render the students not dare or unlikely to asking me questions even though they didn't understand. And now i know why the students in this school , almost of them are active,talkative. This kind of attitude is contagious and it can be spread, and this condition is a positive grow, although most of the time i felt annoying they keep on asking me the same question.
For instance:
when i ask them to do homework on Page 111,
and some of them started doing it,but then 2 or 3 minutes later,some of them just realised and asking me the same question again ==", i understood why a teacher need to be so patient already, ws and miss Eza also told me,they rather teaching secondart student than small kids.

Also the same day, i felt dissapoint toward my year 5 students............i had mark their exercise carefully,one question by one, keep on write comment beside the question as well, and asking them to do correction and pass to me the next day,but ........they just passed to me without any amendment, i was dissapointed , what does this mean???IS this mean i have to do correction for them,and later on provide them with answer during examination>?????
i was so fed up,and then during the second period,i can't stand myself that i scold them. In fact, i started to get angry after the first lesson when i wanted to mark their workbook, i was so angry by that time that i felt like wan t to speak out abusive language, Miss Sushee noticed my difference when she passed by me. But then she was going to enter another class tat time. She just afford to give me an advise that time.

"don't get upset easily, its actually quite common that the students always didn't finish up their homework, dont affect by this matter"

(this isn't the exact quote from Miss Sushee,but the point is something like that)

well~~~~~,i don't care,i just really can't stand it,they didn't appreciate it at all, why i need to mark for them???y i need to do carry out so many works???but then,it is vein.

i asked the students who didn't do their correction to do it outside and well i feel comforted when they appologize to me.

January 16, 2011
but this doesn't mean i have a good mood everyday o!
when i was sad, for sure at that particular moment i have no mood to blogging here,hehe

maybe i will post it when i am free someday...^^

gud night ,ppl^^

by the end of 16Jan 2010-Sunday

by the end of today, i feel happy^^
because my bf praise on me,hehehehe.He said


the bad habit he refer to is i am always not punctual and let him to wait long long time,hehehe.
and today i tell him that i reached the MCA building hall by 7.56pm,so....he send me the message lo,hahahahaha
January 15, 2011




我在Kijal 的国际学校教书,悄悄告诉你们噢
i think i am always the lucky one,hahahaha.
the Principle,Puan Fariza,she initially look for a mandarin teacher,but then she need a teacher who can teacher permanently,i mean at least a few years like tat. After i told her that i will be leaving around August ,in order to futher study, i thought i won't be employ, because this is not match with her initial plan.

Never mind then, since i came already. I just let her to view on my resume. And she was quite satisfied with my resume,esp when she seen a cert about Red Cresent Club and StJohn(their school also hav such activities,but the teacher have no experience to carry out uniform extra-cocuriculum)

after tat,we had a short conversation or informal interview. i Just skipped this part, we discussed about the salary,working hour,attire , wat subject to teach if i am employed and so on so on. Hehe, don't say i am over-confident, i just can feel tat the principle sound like wan to employ me,hahahaha.Then in order to increase the chance of being employed, i requested for visiting the school compund. YES , and my request fulfilled, the admin lady, Miss Sue brought me and ehaun go kai kai around the compund. Because i think that we come here all the way from chukai to kijal to attend the interview, its okay if i am rejected, but don't waste my petrol fuel ma~~~~and since i am already inside the school ,why not asking for visiting, take a look at the environment of an international school, get some information there , n try to feel the spirit of the ambiance there,hahahahaha, i am so genius.

Puan Fariza will inform me on the evening if i am employed or not, and its about to reaching the 5Pm already, but the principle still did not give me a call, so i called to her lo, and YES, i am in, i was being employed,and i will become the teacher of a international school!!!!HAHAHAHAHA, see! i am so lucky.

Do you guys understand what is the meaning that i said i am so lucky????
Because they iniatially plan to employ a teacher who teach mandarin,but then i still can get employed even though i had told them i will be leave around August,hahahaha

erm....wat i learn from this interview is that,first,be prepared,and i think i am get employ mostly because of my resume,so if u want to attend for an interview,try to prepaid your resume as attractive as possible o!!!!!

Good luck to me!!!
and good luck to whoever need these lucky^^