January 23, 2011

a birthday bash

20th Jan 2011
there was a birthday bash for a cute little girl^^
the girl name syafika,her sister work as a teacher there.They are so kind that they give every pupils and teachers a memento. Its something like a cute stuff wrap by pretty plastic like that,cute and delicate^^
and here there is,a rabbit alarm in the plastic bag,hahahaha. i used to call it as 防狼器,because one you open the cap(the feet), then it will come out with loud alarm ,so whenever you face danger,then you just pull of the cap,then the rabbit will be rang,scare away the enemy,hahahaha.
Its not expensive though(what did you expect to get when sb give you and somemore its not your birthday),

but its a special gift indeed.
well, my bf say that you won't use it,no body is interest on you.
well well,just kept it for safely then

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