January 27, 2011
i think i had been mention before, that my english was not very good when i was studying primary school. I had even failed in english during year 5 / standard 5 assessment. I vividly remember that i was the only one who failed in the class. My english teacher that time was so angry that she pinch my ear in front of everybody, i felt embarrass. I started to brush up on my english command , writting especially and i was so lucky to get an A for english during UPSR.

Because of these, my english is actually very poor, but yet i still afford to survive during in the major examination like PMR,SPM. I started to get well result during secondary school,as they just test on your english by written test only, there is no speaking.

During my time in EIS(Ekhlass International School), you have to do anything with english, it is like english is our lingua franca,communicate,writting......And i just realise that my pronunciation is very poor that sometime my students will correct for me.


Actually,i did feel shamed when the students correct the pronounce for me. But curiosity had overcome that, i rather my students correct on me though i felt shamed ,because this is the time for me the rectify all of that.

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