January 15, 2011




我在Kijal 的国际学校教书,悄悄告诉你们噢
i think i am always the lucky one,hahahaha.
the Principle,Puan Fariza,she initially look for a mandarin teacher,but then she need a teacher who can teacher permanently,i mean at least a few years like tat. After i told her that i will be leaving around August ,in order to futher study, i thought i won't be employ, because this is not match with her initial plan.

Never mind then, since i came already. I just let her to view on my resume. And she was quite satisfied with my resume,esp when she seen a cert about Red Cresent Club and StJohn(their school also hav such activities,but the teacher have no experience to carry out uniform extra-cocuriculum)

after tat,we had a short conversation or informal interview. i Just skipped this part, we discussed about the salary,working hour,attire , wat subject to teach if i am employed and so on so on. Hehe, don't say i am over-confident, i just can feel tat the principle sound like wan to employ me,hahahaha.Then in order to increase the chance of being employed, i requested for visiting the school compund. YES , and my request fulfilled, the admin lady, Miss Sue brought me and ehaun go kai kai around the compund. Because i think that we come here all the way from chukai to kijal to attend the interview, its okay if i am rejected, but don't waste my petrol fuel ma~~~~and since i am already inside the school ,why not asking for visiting, take a look at the environment of an international school, get some information there , n try to feel the spirit of the ambiance there,hahahahaha, i am so genius.

Puan Fariza will inform me on the evening if i am employed or not, and its about to reaching the 5Pm already, but the principle still did not give me a call, so i called to her lo, and YES, i am in, i was being employed,and i will become the teacher of a international school!!!!HAHAHAHAHA, see! i am so lucky.

Do you guys understand what is the meaning that i said i am so lucky????
Because they iniatially plan to employ a teacher who teach mandarin,but then i still can get employed even though i had told them i will be leave around August,hahahaha

erm....wat i learn from this interview is that,first,be prepared,and i think i am get employ mostly because of my resume,so if u want to attend for an interview,try to prepaid your resume as attractive as possible o!!!!!

Good luck to me!!!
and good luck to whoever need these lucky^^

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