January 22, 2011
indeed only about 2 weeks i staying there,i felt that i had already learnt a lot,though that i feel tension everyday,but i started to get to used to it . i think this condition will becoming less and eventually gone day by day.hahahaha

know why does me feel tension???
because i have to wake up early every working day.....

at first ,i think becoming a teacher is a good choice,(but now its still a good choice,nvr change),why am i saying its a good choice,i mean it because becoming a teacher
1 . you not need to work everyday
2. you can work half day
3. you can learn a lot (the experience of teaching, learning of how to handle the playful kids, somemore teaching in international school,i can speak english all the time,hahaha, do u know that even the pupils there are able to correct my conversation,it might be grammar mistakes or pronunciation .Yes, i did feel shame,that why i must all the way possible to trigger my english command,so do correct my english if i am spoken wrongly or type wrong here.)
4. the salary................consider high so me,but hehe,intend to ask the principle to add up my salary later, and i will prepared myself so that i am deserve to get that price.

Last thursday, i had learn that not teaching the children to keep on asking the same question,MIss SuShee told me this. She didn't told me directly,but i got her point. And yes indeed,after that i think on this matter, my teaching way will render the students not dare or unlikely to asking me questions even though they didn't understand. And now i know why the students in this school , almost of them are active,talkative. This kind of attitude is contagious and it can be spread, and this condition is a positive grow, although most of the time i felt annoying they keep on asking me the same question.
For instance:
when i ask them to do homework on Page 111,
and some of them started doing it,but then 2 or 3 minutes later,some of them just realised and asking me the same question again ==", i understood why a teacher need to be so patient already, ws and miss Eza also told me,they rather teaching secondart student than small kids.

Also the same day, i felt dissapoint toward my year 5 students............i had mark their exercise carefully,one question by one, keep on write comment beside the question as well, and asking them to do correction and pass to me the next day,but ........they just passed to me without any amendment, i was dissapointed , what does this mean???IS this mean i have to do correction for them,and later on provide them with answer during examination>?????
i was so fed up,and then during the second period,i can't stand myself that i scold them. In fact, i started to get angry after the first lesson when i wanted to mark their workbook, i was so angry by that time that i felt like wan t to speak out abusive language, Miss Sushee noticed my difference when she passed by me. But then she was going to enter another class tat time. She just afford to give me an advise that time.

"don't get upset easily, its actually quite common that the students always didn't finish up their homework, dont affect by this matter"

(this isn't the exact quote from Miss Sushee,but the point is something like that)

well~~~~~,i don't care,i just really can't stand it,they didn't appreciate it at all, why i need to mark for them???y i need to do carry out so many works???but then,it is vein.

i asked the students who didn't do their correction to do it outside and well i feel comforted when they appologize to me.

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