April 27, 2015

Roti King Kampar: Salted Egg Pastry and other

Tried the salted Egg Yolk pastry from this shop the other day. It's so good, I came back for more. Judging from the appearance I already craving for it already. The shop baked fresh pastry every day. So I suggest you to come at 12pm to get the salted egg pastry. However, you might need to wait until 2 - 2.30pm for all the 22 types of bread and pastry to completely out.

Salted Egg Pastry Rm 1.90 (Rm 1.30 until 30th April)
Omg, got this while it's just fresh from oven! and boss said it has half of salted egg yolk inside. The lotus seed paste is just nice, not to sweet and it somehow make a prefect combination with the egg yolk.Combo with the flaky pastry crust, it make me liken the salted egg pastry more!

Tried their lou por peng, chair siew pastry also.   THeir crust is pleasantly flaky! Or maybe you prefer a hot pastry, they have the oven to deliver it for you. First time seeing such service in bread shop ler~~

 Lou Po Peng, their winter melon filling is not too sweet.

 Char Siew Pastry. Still liking the flaky crust. Yum Yum~~~

I guess their kaya filling is slef-made one, cause unlike the usual brown colour one, it's the light green one.

Oh yea, since it's just new opening, they are having 30% discount on all their pastry and bread until 30th April 2015. So, Peepo, hurry up, you can buy the salted egg pastry at Rm 1.30 before 1st May. (would be Rm 1.90 after that. )\

I saw their cheesebun is quite tempting too! Would have go to try it next time =D

For more information:

Roti King Kampar Facebook

Operation Hour: start at 12pm
2- 2.30 all the 22 types of pastry would be out.
Close around 9pm or until finish selling.
April 13, 2015

Capsule Malaysia: KLIA2

Stayed on 11th Jan 2015

Disclaimer: Not a sponsor review, kay? I paid by myself one. 

Harlo!!! Long time long see, my dear blog, and readers. I knew it's been sometime since I last update my blog. But, assignment and test is a valid excuse, so yea~~ 

Anyway, thanks to Fion who asked my to blog more! It motivated me! Thanks! 

It was a night after we went back from Bangkok, tiring and exhausted and hungry. Me and my friend, Chia Ying went here to sleep after the landing. I had been heard about capsule hotel, it's consider a pit stop rather than a hotel lar. Mostly for people who come too early and waiting to fly off or waiting for daylight before you can take any transport back.


You can opt more 3,6 or 12 hours of stay inside capsule here. With the price of Rm 50, Rm75 and Rm95 respectively.

3 hours - Rm50
6 hours - RM75
12hours - Rm90

You can book it via agoda or their official site. However, it actually make no difference whether you book from Agoda or not.

Now, let me show you the type of the "room" available~~

6 hours for Rm 75

This is the one that I stayed, upper deck,which I need to climed on a cold black metal ladder before I clinged inside. It's actually quite tiring. Imagine after when you went back from a vacation, all you wish is a good rest, you even lazy to move your foot, not feel like want to walking. 

To go into this upper capsule, I  carried my own bag, and the bag given by the receptionist to rest inside. These bags are not heavy, but I was tired I even lazy  to move lar~~  

Also, you cant choose your place when you book online, rather it would depend on the season. It was peak season during my stay I assume. Because you would get a towel, a cotton slipper upon your checked in, and I dont get the slipper cause it's out of stock =.=  meaning you have to wear your own shoes (worse if you wear sport shoes) to toilet. 

Also, by the time I checked in, I don't get a locker as all the lockers are occupied. As a solution for this, the receptionist would help to keep your luggage at the reception. 

The service of the staff there is nonetheless quite friendly lar. Alright, let's me show you the other type of capsule available in female dorm. 

Upstair corner, no need to climb up to the ladder, this is what I want!

Or this one, upstair but not corner. Simply step inside, but no need to climb ladder.

The recycle bag given upon checked in, but need to return when you check out lar. The receptionist would give you cotton slipper, card key, and towel by default.

One of the little thing that I moaned is that they don't have drinking water supply. Not sure this is standard service for all the box/capsule hotel around the world. But I used to get drinking water when I stay in hotel, so a bit not used to it. Fortunately, you can get drinking water from the 24hours grocery nearby.

The Interior of Capsule/Box

You can charge any of your electronic device. They would also give you a morning call upon request. Something that surprise me is that the little capsule has mirror and it can turned into a mini table when you flip open the board! You can put some of your thing of the table if you think your bed is too messy like me~~ =P

Left side: Hehe, it's a bit messy I know right, but let's not focus on my belonging. Initially, I thought the rectangular white metal pieces is aircond, but nope! Its actually a ventilator. While the temperature inside the capsule is neither cold or hot for me. As the aircond source coming from outside the capsule, it's shared by all the capsule users, just like the aircond in shopping mall.

Right side: This is to show that the box is actually quite small in area, but in a way it won't affect your mobility. I mean that's the reason why am I here. I actually felt secured when the room is small enough, but not too narrow I felt uneasy. Sitting horizontally across the capsule, my leg can actually touch them. And they also provide the place to hang any of your towel/clothes/anything.

Other facilities

0. Wifi
Guess wifi is utterly important for people nowadays! Esp when you are waiting! 

1. Shared bathroom and toilets

When you don't have slipper, this is the shoes that you put on to bathroom. and a place to hang your clothes/towel. 
A shared bathroom with hairdryer GOOD!

2. Changing room

due to the limited size in the capsule, you can opt to change here if wanted. For the user who stay downstair, you have to climb upstair lar.

The ladder leading to fitting zoom, and capsule upstair.

there were 2 places when you need to used your keycard. At the entrance into capsule and entrance to female dorm. So, don't worry, the male and female is separated.

3. Locker
my luggage is the size that I can hand-carry into plane. A lugagge that can fit 7kg of items. 

4. Lounge

To my delight, the common area is a quite spacious compare to capsule. I like the design here. THe lighting and everything! But It's quite cold here.

SPotted! A place for bean bag lovers!

There were books here! I even saw a Russian Novel, I assumed. You can exchange your novel here by simply drop them here. Found Elle Magazine here! A fashion magazine, haha, so keep flipping and kept seeing Cara Delevinge only.

This is to prove that I was really here! Visiting in this place before! 

The official site for capsule hotel


My advise is try to call them and ask whether we can choose our own capsule , to avoid climbing into the capsule. Not sure this is working or not though. 

However, it's overall a pleasant stay despite I have to climb up my tired body before reaching my capsule. The bed and the blanket is so fluffy that I immediately fall asleep. Not much chance to utilise the wifi here. All that I care is SLEEP. Would try to request for a capsule that I no need to climb when I stay here in the future. 

The biggest advantage of Capsule is that it is located inside KLIA2, which mean you can avoid the hassle of walking too much while waiting for flight. 

The exact location of Capsule? 

Hope this will helped! Noted that you can buy drinking water at KK Supermart, in L1 9&10