April 27, 2015

Roti King Kampar: Salted Egg Pastry and other

Tried the salted Egg Yolk pastry from this shop the other day. It's so good, I came back for more. Judging from the appearance I already craving for it already. The shop baked fresh pastry every day. So I suggest you to come at 12pm to get the salted egg pastry. However, you might need to wait until 2 - 2.30pm for all the 22 types of bread and pastry to completely out.

Salted Egg Pastry Rm 1.90 (Rm 1.30 until 30th April)
Omg, got this while it's just fresh from oven! and boss said it has half of salted egg yolk inside. The lotus seed paste is just nice, not to sweet and it somehow make a prefect combination with the egg yolk.Combo with the flaky pastry crust, it make me liken the salted egg pastry more!

Tried their lou por peng, chair siew pastry also.   THeir crust is pleasantly flaky! Or maybe you prefer a hot pastry, they have the oven to deliver it for you. First time seeing such service in bread shop ler~~

 Lou Po Peng, their winter melon filling is not too sweet.

 Char Siew Pastry. Still liking the flaky crust. Yum Yum~~~

I guess their kaya filling is slef-made one, cause unlike the usual brown colour one, it's the light green one.

Oh yea, since it's just new opening, they are having 30% discount on all their pastry and bread until 30th April 2015. So, Peepo, hurry up, you can buy the salted egg pastry at Rm 1.30 before 1st May. (would be Rm 1.90 after that. )\

I saw their cheesebun is quite tempting too! Would have go to try it next time =D

For more information:

Roti King Kampar Facebook

Operation Hour: start at 12pm
2- 2.30 all the 22 types of pastry would be out.
Close around 9pm or until finish selling.

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