May 10, 2015


bare face taken on 30th april 2015. In the midst of group studying, Teeehee

Harlo~~May! I  wish time could run faster so that I can meet my love one faster.

It's been awhile since I last blogging. and today I am so motivated to blog. like blogging on urge, cause I got to know that someone praise my blog, eventhough my blog has  a lot of gramma mistakes, and the content is not attracitve enough also.

Well, for me my blog is sort of like my online open diary also. So today, just gotta post what I encounter today.

Rainbow on the streeful day of final exam may 2015

I woke up 7am today, to cook for my father.
Right side: I use 30 mins to prepare for the fried migu egg (migu煎蛋). Left side: my mom use like 10mins only to prepare gan lao mian (干捞面), and its superb delicious!! Would like to call her supermom for being mother of 5+ 1 kids. Another one is daddy kid! And she feed us really well! Happy Mother’s Day, mom. Grateful to have you as my mami!!

I found out that my cellphone can do better job in editting than my laptop. WTF?? 

eat out just now. In a restaurant, suddenly a little girl dashed out with a bouquet of red roses in her hands, walking to the restaurant's boss, who was taking order. pass the bouquet of roses to her, and said sth like..this is the roses for you. All the people in the restaurant looking at them. I guess I know what to do during the next year mother's day, <3 span="">

today is the third day he went offshore? 3 more days to meet him. 


 Cheesecake is always our favourite!! I like to eat cheese too! HOmemade Oreo Cheese cake by me.

Looking at this picture now really drive me a bit mad. Fresh steamed cod fish from a chinese restaurant outside Awana Kijal, the corner unit in a row of shoplot. The food there always nice! 

always looking forward to 1st June, where I start my internship. Excited and anxious! I saw some of my classmate already started their intern right after exam. but I just want to snug in my home sweet home for awhile before I start. 

omg, haven finish my FYP proposal. 13 more days before duedate! 

watching clothes encounter right now, and doing a lot other society thingy concurrently. Multitasking?? OR my internet browser being multitasking. 

Feel like wanna dress up after watching those videos. I regret a bit I didn't bring my make up cosmetic back. =( 

cause I purposely Dun wanna bring those cosmetic thingy back. Dun find the occasion to use it, and wanna focus on cooking and doing FYP proposal and reading and workout. But so far, nil progress. and relationship also important mar~~ That's why I am in Kemaman here. Hehe. 

That's all, everyday in Kemaman is a fullfil day, although the only thing I do most of the time is Watching TV =D 


  1. it's fun to have sometime to cook for yourself..hehehe next time jus bring some basic cosmetic home!hehhe!!

  2. yea, agree! should have bring some cosmetic back. Now wanna take passport photo also need to delay~~ =(


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