August 31, 2015


#48 Chillax in D'ez Coffee Oasis Square now. 

#47 Name Card

quite happy to see a name card for my blog, hehehe

#46 Birthday 2015

Okay, many people asked me how I celebrate my birthday. It's just a normal day from me. With the many2 love from my gang. Thank you! 

and thank you to my sis for the birthday cake. I actually never expect anything from her. And this is quite surprise for me also lar. And the rabit book mark from my friend also, you know who you are. 

#45 That 8km run-COMPLETED!!
30th August 2015

DC Justice League RUn Penang. Woke up 5.30am for this purpose. 1.5 hours taken for 8km run! BRavo to me!! I thought I only ran half way then cannot already. I thought I cannot join long run, manatahu, I can ler~~ hehe #quiterproudofmyself

#44 Thank you for acknowledge my effort

My boss treat me for lunch on my last day of internship. It really means a lot to me. Because my supervisor aka property manager is someone who is very busy all the time. He can even texted  in our working chatgroup in the midnight to remind us something about work. 

Not to say that he likes to disturb people after working hour. But being in charge on the property maintenance & landscape, & the safety about the tenants as well, our career require us to standby on 24 hours. Basically, from what that I observe, like a house owner need to take care of the house like that. 

#43 THanks for the B Treat
Jian Xing -Burger Torry

The only reason that make me drove from PJ to KL sentral, then from KL sentral to SS15. I was so damn tired that day. But I feel like want to celebrate my birthday with people that I love. 

#42 Project Space with Sharon Lee. 

Thank you sharon for the pre-birthday treat! And spenting time together, and take photo together. =D 

#41 FOr Pastries and dessert

I found out that I have a soft spot for light snack like pastries and dessert. I am prone to read food review of this kind whenever I saw them. And looking back " places that I wanted to step on" , I already have 2 places that is selling dessert, macaron and pastries.! 

#40 A date with Ivy Liew

We are August Baby!  It been about 3 years since we knew each other. and I am glad that she can make it this fashion show! As she is working now.even on weekend, so I actually feel quite kexi that we couldn't meet before I went back to Kampar.

In this photo. Honestly it's' a selfie of us, with my head at the front.

Then, hehe. She knew that I will complain for looking bigger head here. so She offered to take another shot with her head bigger. hehe. thank you babe! You knew me so well! 

Thanks to Ivy Liew helping me to take this. Honestly, I think Iook the prettiest when I am relaxing. Just everytime I look prettier than myself in other photos in the presence of WS. #validlogic.

Our pre-birthday celebration is a bit simple, like a normal friend bonding over great food.The important thing is that we can stop non-stop.

Bonding over a buffet. Munching and talking.

I like chocolate, and kikat is one of the afforable favourite. I do not want to promote anything. Just want to slow my life down. looking things around me, and suddenly saw this, so just take it and photograph it. and to sharpen my photography skills on object.  this photo is #nonedited. btw.


August 26, 2015

A squeak of Thrill to receive Althea parcel at my Door!

Hi!!! I am a beauty blogger in this post. Not sure if you are aware of the recent bandwagon about the launch of a new online Korean skin care & Beauty product website. If you don't know, then let me tell you. It's an online shopping outlet  name ALTHEA

AlTHEA is a flower name also the Korean's National FLower.  I have no idea why they name it ALTHEA, but I just want to review about my shopping experience of purchasing in ALTHEA.

This the items that I bought. Actually there is one more bottle of Laneige Sleeping Mask, that one is my friend. We share together so that we can get free shipping if buying above RM 150.

I literally squeak of Thrill to received this pinkish parcel at my door. See~~ so adorable.

Open the pinkish packaging, then a second wave of squeak !! LOL (this is an apparently squeak only). The box arrived in prefect condition, without any damage, and wrap with bubble wrapping also.

But this is how the boxes look like .
With a letter of Invoice.

Apparently, there were 2 sizes for this Althea Beauty Box. Mine one is the small one cause I bought only 3 items. OMg, the look at the packaging motivate me to buy more althea.

Okay, this is how the box look inside. The products are all carefully wrap with a layer of bubble again. To ensure our product won't get damage during the flight from Korea to Malaysia.

For online shopping, we cannot test or touch the items that we want until the parcel reached us. I feel a bit better when Althea can guarantee for their authenticity. Honestly, no body wanna get cheat by getting a fake branded product after they spent so much of money. 

The packaging itself convince me that I can buy the softest thing because they will ensure those item are properly wrap in a way that it won't crash or damage during the delivery.

The retail price for Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (70ml) is Rm 110. And I bought it at Rm 77. I saw some other online shopping site sell it too. Since Laneige is so famous, and it's the favourite of most people. They sell it at Rm 97, some were Rm 93.50 with free gift. So after comparison, Althea really selling the most guarantee price.

For the Marshmallow Puff (Too Cool for School) , I actually bought it at Rm 17 instead of Rm 29.80 (retail price) . Now let's us compare again. I saw some sold it for RM 21.50, which sold out already as I just checked it 1 second ago. (Why not those people buy in ALthea ar? the price here is much mroe cheaper ler. ) And some at Rm 29.50  & Rm 25.

If I want to be picky, the only downside that I figure out so far , is that they do not have full range for the brand. For example, Althea don't have Too Cool for School Marshmallow Puff in White. Brands like 3CE, their lipstick colour also not the full set. So it's good that if you have eyeing on certain things and only go ALthea to buy. Alternatively,  simply going Althea, they have a special column known as

Althea's Pick

     Best Seller

See,  You can search for the quality Korean skincare product with HEART ATTACK PRICE, cause you would be surprise to see how much cheaper it is from retail price. 

Also, I like their service
I like those service that can ensure customer with satisfaction, and would provide returns if we are not satisfied. I didn't test it by ask them to return me the money. Because I am really satisfied with the goods that I get ,w ith  heart-melting, meticulously wrap packaging, how could I say NO~~ 

So people who  are looking for Korean SKincare product, you can get it by the best price here! And this is the main reason why I love to shop with ALthea, really really much more cheaper than that you can found in retail price. They might not have the full range of Korean Beauty product, but I knew they would add on from time to time. Frankly, this site is where I shop for gift to my female friends, sometimes I  feel like this is a shopping site targetted to students as their price really make me jaw-drop! 

TO Summarise it all, here are the pros and cons that I notice


1. Cheapest price that I could have found. 
2. Free delivery above Rm 150
3. All the way from Korea!!! 
4. Great and convincing service (provide 30 days unconditional return if we are not satisfied)
5. This skin care product reach my door in 4 days upon payment is made. 
6. Not necessary pay with Paypal (most of the oversea online shopping site would required that)


1. No full range of the brand available. 

THis would be a good news for beauty lovers, bloggers out there. Because I am quite exciting for their best price. Hoping that you enjoy shopping there as well as much as I am.  =D 

click the link below for shopping there! 

Pasta Zanmai : Expensive but Great services!

Date visited: 31st August 2015 @One Utama Shopping Mall

It was a date of my bf and me. 
Went to Pasta Zanmai because boy friend favour the food there. 

So my first and second time visit Pasta Zanmai was with WS!! 

 Believe it or not? The Chicken Teriyaki rice & The short neck Clam pasta soup come with a package, and it cost only Rm 29!! I was thrilled to see the huge portion on the chicken teriyaki rice!!

 A huge plate full with delectable chicken teriyaki, it's so juicy, succulent, moist and sweet with the Teriyaki sauce!

Despite the name mini Short neck clam pasta soup, the portion is not mini at all! 4 clams ler~~ and top on with 2 different type of mushroom!

When the food is served, I thought the waiter serve the wrong table, never thought it would be full size like this.  

 I guess this is the speciality of Pasta Zanmai

Heartily full & Huge portion
Fresh ingredients
Extra added (mushroom!! my favourite mushroom! )

Which is also the reason of him, who save money all the time, would like to dine in Pasta Zanmai once in awhile. (and I glad that he always choose the occasion I was there! )

Yes, this package is exist in the menu. I forgotten to take the pic of the menu. But somehow it's located at the page, after pasta and all the main food. and come various combo food. YOu will understand after you flip through the menu. 

 Got one expression that my face twitched because the tasco sauce is unexpectedly spicy~~ Not really spicy~~ but I put too much tasco.

 I expect nothing from their chicken terikayi. Chicken seem so common everywhere. So even their most common dish was delicious too! Decided to take a look on the terikayi sauce, taste sweet.. yum yum~~~

And the great thing about dine in One Utama is that you get to buy some real authentic Japanese imported snacks. food at their Japanese outlet here in One Utama! 

Overall, the service here is not as friendly as Paradigm Mall. Both my bf and me would agree that we would prefer to go Pasta Zanmai in Paradigm Mall because their service is more friendly, and more welcomed. Anyway, we undestood the reason of them being less friendly. The crowd in One Utama never stop flowing in. But the service crew were quite attentive. 

Just that I don't like to see that their beverage bar was stacked full with drank cups..
But the arrangement of the seat...One Utama is more spacious! 

Service:           3/5
Environment:   5/5
Food:       4.5/5
Worthy:   4.5/5


Date visited:  13th August 2015 @Paradigm Mall
   my boyfriend and me went in Paradigm Mall. He brings me here. cause he keep mention the foods here very nice. So there goes my first time visiting Pasta Zanmai. The pics above is basically the foods for 2 of us, and it's really very full after dinner. And double full for stuffing my stomach with Chat Time before going back.

 Refreshing Green Tea Rm 3.50 

 My boy friend, TWS
 and me.

 The environment here generally is above average. It doesn't have any fancy decoration. It has a clean , air-conditioned, comfortable environment. With an open kitchen. In my opinion, when a restaurant set up a transparent open kitche, the basic condition must be clean, even in preparing, like everytime after you cut the pork cutlet, you must clean any residue left. It involves a lot of meticulous preparation. Hence I would have a better first impression for those restaurant with open wet kitchen.

The restaurant has an alfresco area too. I not sure they closed this section that day, or just no people want to  go in. Not to say the restaurant is very spacious, but the gap between each of the table not big, but is comfortable enough for patron to move easily, and watch other dishes from other tables. =D

Salmon NO Cream sauce Pasta  Rm 29. 

The one that I ordered is Rm 29. There is a small size available at Rm 19.I like the pasta that is full of cheese and cream. This is not really cheesy, it taste slightly different from other carbonara that I tried. It still taste good, and full after several mouthful of pasta and it is enough to keep me full. 

 The best part of this it has my favourite salmon and assorted mushroom!! #mushroomlover

This dishes cost Rm 22, but I have forgotten the name, It has the name "Chicken teriyaki" then "omelette" and it's a fried rice beneath the buttery omelette. I am a curious kid, I watched how the omelette was being fried through the transparent glass. So I know that It's buttery omelette.

The chicken slide was so tender, flavourful with great seasoning (even I don;t know what is the seasoning), but it is great! 

Onsen Tamago Rm 3

Egg lover Bf ordered this.Half boiled egg swim in the generous amount of soba sauce. The waiter asked if anything that we would like to feedback on, Boyfriend mention the tamago was serving cool, so the waiter replaced another onsen tamago for us, with warm soba sauce! 

I think I owe an explanation here. Because the half boiled egg is already pre-cooked before anyone placed order. Hence only Soba sauce would be added when somebody order this. Everything would be in room temperature if they didn't warm the soba sauce. (Cause it's impossible to warm the half boiled egg mar~~ )

THis is what I mean by good service! Greet people with smile, happily to receive feedback from customer. I would like to come here again! 

This salad do not has any price. My boyfriend ordered set meal, hence this salad come with the chicken teriyaki below. It's a healthy side dishes seasoning is my favourite goma(sesame dressing)! Oh wait, the waiter there told me, if you personally request of a few more cherry tomatoes if you want more, they were happy to serve you =D what a great service yea. 

 The table before we started nomming.

And after noming.

All I wanted tell from BEFORE & AFTER is that. The cultural in Pasta Zanmai is that the waiter will clean the dishes when you finish it, so that the table won't be that messy and full with stuff, and we have the space to fiddling our handphone =D

TOtal meal was Rm 57.50

the price shown above inclusive of GST, I not sure if they charge service charge or not, but it's not found in the receipt.Overall the rating is 8/10. That's why I feel that it is worth to review. =D 

Pasta Zanmai Paradigm Mall

OPening Hour: 10 am - 10 pm , last order on 9.30pm 

Address : Kelana Jaya CF-36, Level C, Paradigm Mall, No. 1, Jalan SS7/26A, Petaling Jaya, 47301

Contact Number:  03-79421013

Facebook Page:

Note: Pasta Zanmai is a pork free restaurant. SO they do welcome Muslim friends as well. Some of their beef and chicken might contain alcohol , but you can request to omit alcohol. Their chicken and beef are certified halal. So worry free for Muslim friends =D 
August 23, 2015

I AM 80's cafe: Makan in Basement with cutie dogs!

I feel like this is a cafe of Art. THe owner of this cafe, XXX talked about attitude, the decoration is everywhere, the idea of only bring pets once in 2 weeks is brilliant.

You will not see menu at the basement here. Because you can only placed your order at the servicing counter at the ground floor. Hence you would not see waiter walking around in the basement, unless to clear the dishes . 

August 20, 2015

KL Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2015: Lisa S, HIDE,Hayden Koh, Sher by Twenty3

I have been mention this in my instagram, but still, Thanks to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Seeties for the invitation! I get to see Day 5 Show 2 featuring Sher by Twenty 3, Hayden Koh, Shims Hashim, Lisa F and Hide. Since It was Sunday, the crowd is more than the one on wednesday. (Day 1 of KLFW)

The set up of the stage and stuff. 

Of course how could we miss the chance to take photo with KLFW backdrop?  We also met Koe Yeet, I knew her from the Samsung Galaxy S4 movie: Wind Chime in Bakery. She really has a sweet smile and angle face. *melt.

Then while waiting for the show to start, I notice this. Do you see what I see?

August 19, 2015

KLFashion Week Ready To Wear 2015: AirAsia Runway Designer Search 2015

I have been watching to the video of AirAsia Runway Designer Search 2015, and am truely interested to see new designers in Malaysia. Hence I was so happy to gotten the invitation to this AirAsia Runway Desinger Search 2015~!!

This is a very grand event, while waiting for the show to start. I saw they were really people who were ask to interview them. Like so surreal, I usually see all this from tv only ler~~