August 20, 2015

KL Fashion Week Ready to Wear 2015: Lisa S, HIDE,Hayden Koh, Sher by Twenty3

I have been mention this in my instagram, but still, Thanks to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur and Seeties for the invitation! I get to see Day 5 Show 2 featuring Sher by Twenty 3, Hayden Koh, Shims Hashim, Lisa F and Hide. Since It was Sunday, the crowd is more than the one on wednesday. (Day 1 of KLFW)

The set up of the stage and stuff. 

Of course how could we miss the chance to take photo with KLFW backdrop?  We also met Koe Yeet, I knew her from the Samsung Galaxy S4 movie: Wind Chime in Bakery. She really has a sweet smile and angle face. *melt.

Then while waiting for the show to start, I notice this. Do you see what I see?

A group of poeple wearing mostly black attire in these area of seating. Oh yea, and even Jimmy Choo was there! Not only that, I saw some other famous blogger like Chuckei Baby Jane, Ashley, Daphne and Natalie Saw.

of course, a photo with my girl is not to be missed! Ivy Liew. Our planning is to celebrate our birthday together (She is just one day older than me). And since I already in Pavilion, then invite her as well. She was excited as Ia m, and picked a nice dress, and make up too. First time seeing her dress in such a grand way, hahaha. 

And meet her again, Sharon Lee, who blog at I actually don't know which show to choose on Sunday, since she want to watch Sher by twenty3, then I just follow lar. Anyway, this show  an eye-opener!

Firstly , the collection from Hide.

However, asI mentioned earlier, not all the collections are here.

Collection from Lisa F. With a cute vibrant pastel colour , yet remain elegant in a way.

I learnt one word from Sharon "Daebak" meaning very very chio or 'geng' something like that. She was posting instagram photo of this model with the caption " the most DAEBAK model.." But this model always the last one catwalking on each collection during the 2pm show.

Now, my top favourite collection! I didn't know Hayden Koh at all. Until I came to watch this fashion show. Let's see his collection. =D
Simplistic, dual colour tone, exude the charm elegant of a woman.

Normal at the front, but it's a reveal at the back. 

I do saw this kind of design sometime in a random boutique, online boutique. I don't feel like want to buy them, because they look cheap. This one, perhaps it's a Haute couture.The quality of cloths is there, and so ready to wear! There is no need of accessories to even enhance the design itself. It's totally stand on it's own. 

Or maybe just the thick eye brow?

Playing with soft pleat and flapping.

Hour glass flapping at the bottom. Reveal at the shoulder.

And his this collection can wear to office, party or dinner as well.

watch this video for Sher by Twenty 3

Met Mary Jane also.

And the famous blogger, whom are invited by Sher by Twenty-3,  Chuckei Jane, Ashley, Natalie Saw, and Daphne Charice. I did take photo with them. but I guess I am too nervous to see them, all these while, I have been seeing their video, instagram only through a virtual screen, and suddenly I can see them in person, this is so surreal. So nervous til my posture is a bit rigid there.

Alright, that's all for this post. Ending this post with 2 of my girls.  Thank you Pavilion and Seeties! Please invite me again if you have any event in the future yea =D

Pavilion KL is one of the most prestigious shopping complex in Malaysia, it sells a lot of branded premium goods like Micheal Kors, Dior, MAC, Burberry, Prada, Versace. It's one of the tourist hot spot in Malaysia, also housing some grand events in Malaysia, for example. Kuala Lumpur Fashion Wee from 2013- until 2015.

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