August 26, 2015

A squeak of Thrill to receive Althea parcel at my Door!

Hi!!! I am a beauty blogger in this post. Not sure if you are aware of the recent bandwagon about the launch of a new online Korean skin care & Beauty product website. If you don't know, then let me tell you. It's an online shopping outlet  name ALTHEA

AlTHEA is a flower name also the Korean's National FLower.  I have no idea why they name it ALTHEA, but I just want to review about my shopping experience of purchasing in ALTHEA.

This the items that I bought. Actually there is one more bottle of Laneige Sleeping Mask, that one is my friend. We share together so that we can get free shipping if buying above RM 150.

I literally squeak of Thrill to received this pinkish parcel at my door. See~~ so adorable.

Open the pinkish packaging, then a second wave of squeak !! LOL (this is an apparently squeak only). The box arrived in prefect condition, without any damage, and wrap with bubble wrapping also.

But this is how the boxes look like .
With a letter of Invoice.

Apparently, there were 2 sizes for this Althea Beauty Box. Mine one is the small one cause I bought only 3 items. OMg, the look at the packaging motivate me to buy more althea.

Okay, this is how the box look inside. The products are all carefully wrap with a layer of bubble again. To ensure our product won't get damage during the flight from Korea to Malaysia.

For online shopping, we cannot test or touch the items that we want until the parcel reached us. I feel a bit better when Althea can guarantee for their authenticity. Honestly, no body wanna get cheat by getting a fake branded product after they spent so much of money. 

The packaging itself convince me that I can buy the softest thing because they will ensure those item are properly wrap in a way that it won't crash or damage during the delivery.

The retail price for Laneige Water Sleeping Mask (70ml) is Rm 110. And I bought it at Rm 77. I saw some other online shopping site sell it too. Since Laneige is so famous, and it's the favourite of most people. They sell it at Rm 97, some were Rm 93.50 with free gift. So after comparison, Althea really selling the most guarantee price.

For the Marshmallow Puff (Too Cool for School) , I actually bought it at Rm 17 instead of Rm 29.80 (retail price) . Now let's us compare again. I saw some sold it for RM 21.50, which sold out already as I just checked it 1 second ago. (Why not those people buy in ALthea ar? the price here is much mroe cheaper ler. ) And some at Rm 29.50  & Rm 25.

If I want to be picky, the only downside that I figure out so far , is that they do not have full range for the brand. For example, Althea don't have Too Cool for School Marshmallow Puff in White. Brands like 3CE, their lipstick colour also not the full set. So it's good that if you have eyeing on certain things and only go ALthea to buy. Alternatively,  simply going Althea, they have a special column known as

Althea's Pick

     Best Seller

See,  You can search for the quality Korean skincare product with HEART ATTACK PRICE, cause you would be surprise to see how much cheaper it is from retail price. 

Also, I like their service
I like those service that can ensure customer with satisfaction, and would provide returns if we are not satisfied. I didn't test it by ask them to return me the money. Because I am really satisfied with the goods that I get ,w ith  heart-melting, meticulously wrap packaging, how could I say NO~~ 

So people who  are looking for Korean SKincare product, you can get it by the best price here! And this is the main reason why I love to shop with ALthea, really really much more cheaper than that you can found in retail price. They might not have the full range of Korean Beauty product, but I knew they would add on from time to time. Frankly, this site is where I shop for gift to my female friends, sometimes I  feel like this is a shopping site targetted to students as their price really make me jaw-drop! 

TO Summarise it all, here are the pros and cons that I notice


1. Cheapest price that I could have found. 
2. Free delivery above Rm 150
3. All the way from Korea!!! 
4. Great and convincing service (provide 30 days unconditional return if we are not satisfied)
5. This skin care product reach my door in 4 days upon payment is made. 
6. Not necessary pay with Paypal (most of the oversea online shopping site would required that)


1. No full range of the brand available. 

THis would be a good news for beauty lovers, bloggers out there. Because I am quite exciting for their best price. Hoping that you enjoy shopping there as well as much as I am.  =D 

click the link below for shopping there! 

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