August 19, 2015

KLFashion Week Ready To Wear 2015: AirAsia Runway Designer Search 2015

I have been watching to the video of AirAsia Runway Designer Search 2015, and am truely interested to see new designers in Malaysia. Hence I was so happy to gotten the invitation to this AirAsia Runway Desinger Search 2015~!!

This is a very grand event, while waiting for the show to start. I saw they were really people who were ask to interview them. Like so surreal, I usually see all this from tv only ler~~

Member of mediaSSS? nope, this is only part of them. But the amount of photographers is crazy, man! They might from any fashion magazine, fashion website, or news paper of different language, even from TV station? I not sure, but I am sure that the photographers of ELLE was inside! You can watch their full range of photos gallery from day 1 to day 5 without a MISS here! (click into the link when you hover your mouse, you will see the wording change colour). I particularly in awe of this, because the speed of model catwalking on the runway is pretty fast. So it's really very hard to capture a steady, HQ photos. As you can see here, I don't really manage to capture each of the collection. I would rather to make them into video better! hehe

There were 10 selected finalist were there to showcase their latest designer. Each of them would present 3 or 3 different designs.

From Ter Mei Ching, who is also the 2nd Runner Up in this AirAsia Runway Designer Search2015.

From Ong Pei Yin, as the name in the picture explicitly shown~~

I really like to join this kind of fashion show, it make me think more about the clothes, and how should I play with matching and pairing. Like the design here, most a black colour, but it doesn't look like solid boring black, , due to the cutting and different cloths used as well.

Liew Suet Yi

Andy Yeo
 I quite like this collection actually, I like the irregular matching. and the shoes! Always wanted to try matching ankle socks with heel.

See the shoes!! 

Focus on the shoes enough already lar~~

From Salina Sulzaily

From Lee Bao En, student of UCSI , also the new talent champion in this Designer Search. She get her inspiration from Angkor Wat of Cambodia,the tribal, and texture.

When I saw the desinger present her collection in this hand-tied, I was wondering as if the Bao En has any other things to express. And this is how the look like, purposely cover the face.

LIke the design from Syamil FAzwan the most!

Playing with curve edge. and the cutting to bring out the feminie women hour glass share, Likey!

Oh wait, and Shazmin Hashim was the 1st runner up in the finale. SOrry I only manage to capture one of the collection only.

While looking at 3 of the new arising fashion designer. I feel motivated to work hard too.Anyway,

Grand Winner : Lee Bao En, UCSI University
1st Runner Up: Shazim Hashim Universiti Teknologi Mara
2nd Runner Up: Ter Mei Ching Fashion School Esmod Kuala Lumpur in The One Acedemy.

3 of them would got their full collection to be showcasing in KLFW next year! Don't you think this is just so exciting as a new designer?? Andrew Tan, The founder of KLFW also said that, AirAsia Runway Designer Search 2015, is not only a competition, it's about finding a new talent in Malaysia, and giving them a platform to play their magic in long term.

It is also my pleasure to meet Andrew Tan! Honestly, I don't know him before this. But whenever I got to know that he is the founder of KLFW, and founder of Andrews Model, I feel that he is really so capable of doing organise events, an event that become become of the brighest limelight in not only Malaysian fashion industry, but also in Malaysia as well.

Another reason that I like to attent fashion show.
Got to meet a lot of famous face. Meet Miss Alvy, a make-up youtuber.

I bet you all sure know who is her. Kitty Yee Yee. She actually showcasing her collection on the first day (Wednesday afternoon). Wanted to attend the show. but it's working hour =(

BUT, I met her here! Didn't even expect that I will see her also.

Oh yea, and thank you so much to uber! My life has been a lot less hassle and more convenient, because I no need to worry about traffic jam, thinking which direction to go, cause I have my own personal driver!
Going and back with Uber on Sunday! I was so headache that time, and having Uber to fetch me home really ease my headache a lot!

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