August 23, 2015

I AM 80's cafe: Makan in Basement with cutie dogs!

I feel like this is a cafe of Art. THe owner of this cafe, XXX talked about attitude, the decoration is everywhere, the idea of only bring pets once in 2 weeks is brilliant.

You will not see menu at the basement here. Because you can only placed your order at the servicing counter at the ground floor. Hence you would not see waiter walking around in the basement, unless to clear the dishes . 

Basement of I AM 80's Cafe. 

If you do not notice, they also have this hook to hang your handbag or maybe dog tag underneath the table. 

Quite surprise to see that a normal door like this is the entrance to the wondefully decorated basement.  Like Alice in the Wonderland.

OH, is Maple in the Wonderland, hehehe

Props for the selfie Lover next to a cushion bench.

The bench that I meant to. See all the cutie pet pillow~~ Stylish huh~~

Dessert corner , just next to the servicing counter.

This one the owner saw it at the road side, and bring it back, revamping it, paint with USA flag design , until it becomes what you have see now.

Me and my Husky~~ LOLOLOLOL

With Bowie's Golden Retriever!! Her name is Dou Dou. 

And cute baby poodle, the daughter of Adeline Lee. So cute,right?

We went there on Sunday. As for these time , they will welcome pets to twice in a month, on Sunday. But, please do  confirm with them to make sure it's really a pet day before you bring your pet. Because sometime they have event and would closed for those who have reserved. 

They would clean it with specialise hygience chemical everytime after the Pet day, I not sure how was the cleaning done. But so far I don't even see any fur on the sofa. The boss also mention that he saw people bring sugar glider, si jiao she as well. But whatever is it, inform them you will bring your pets, ok? 

Watch this video to see how many dogs on the day during the time we visited. 

okay, one more last dog pic.

Hot CHocolate Rm 13

 Other such as Capuccino Latte or Hazelnut Latte are available too.

Then we have a range of fruit smoothies, which is a signature in I AM 80's cafe. 

From left: 
Apple Orange Lychee  Rm 16 
Lychee Soursoup with Mintleaf Rm 15
Mix Berries & Dragon Fruit Rm 16
Banana Mango with Basil Seed Rm 14. 

Like any other fruit juice (but this is cold icy smoothies), it has a mixture of 3 different fruits. 

Sarsi Rm 6

One of the signature in 80's!! But it taste so so only. Just like what sarsi taste honestly. Just that the way how you drink it is a bit special. It is more healthy as It taste less sweet and less carbonated then the ordinary one.

80's Coffee Rm 10
80's Milk Tea Rm 10

There is another lighter color one in the same packaging one. That one is Milk Tea, 80's signature milktea. Both coffee and milk tea resemble the 80's coffee and milk tea. (Though I am 90's, but I guess coffee and milk tea in 80's are gou gou one? super thick one. )

I am a teh tarik/ milk tea lover. 9 out of 10 times when I go chat time, i would order milk tea series one. So far the best teh ice I tried was the one in an old restaurant selling economic rice in Seri Iskandar, Perak. Their milk tea is gou(flavourful/savoury), not too bitter, but you can taste the milk tea there. If the one in Seri Iskandar is the second best milk tea, this is the best milk tea I have tried so far. THicker than the seri iskandar one. After you finished the whole bottle, you will see some dissolved powder still in at the base. 

So remember to shake it before you pour in your cup! 

I would purposely come here just for the milk tea.

Mushroom Soup Rm 9

Omg, see this pic in the middle of night really torturing. I feel hungry now. Mix forest mushroom with Thick Cream and Truffle Oil. The type that I like! And you can still eat some bread cube on top on it. It is so delicious it has the standard of fine dining, yet remain generous in amount. Slurrp~~ I wish to have another bowl of Mushroom soup! 

80's Beef Stew Rm 25

Beef Stew cooked for 12 hours with Garden Root veggie & Beef Juice. You should have tried this! I didn't eat beef to be honest. but for the purpose of reviewing, yes. Only at one bite that I taste, maybe that it already stew for 12 hours, the texture of the beef is unusually tender. And the broth within it, so rich in flavour, you wish for more!

I like the idea of having toasted garlic french here. Cause the dip on the baguette into the broth , together with other side dishes is really yummy! 

80's Signature Rm 75

This is the reason that you would be full. Feed 4-5 people. In fact our group of foodie blogger has 8 people. (But we eat many other food as well.). It is just assorted of everything.

The food that make up this delectable pelette: 

Roasted Half Chicken
Onion Ring
 Chicken Sausage
FIsh & Chip
Sweet Corn
Hash Brown
Garden Salad
Pesto Bread

come with your selection of sauce, either BBQ or Tartar.

Guess how long is the chicken sausage?

It's a 12' long chicken sausage! and many other food as well. It's a dishes that you wouldn't want to miss. Only in I AM 80's cafe.

Black Mussel in Pot Rm 40

The black mussel sauteed with Onion , and finished with creamy sauce (likey! ) and spagetti.The broth so this is so rich, with a sweetness sublety. The mussel is juicy in a way that is refreshing. I am a bit amazed to see how a sweet mussel can combine with creamy spagetti, it literally make me feel so good that I got to eat this. =D

Sarawak Laksa Rm 12

Not only it has big juicy prawn, and all the laksa Sarawak necessay. I like that it come with a freshly cut lime!

Bailey Chocolate Mousse Rm 16

Fragrance alcohol that found in this Mousse. It doesnt taste too sweet or bitter. I like that it has 3 different texture.

Dancing in the Pan Rm 20

Warm Bread PUdding with Chocolate and Vanilla Sauce.
The bread is warm,and Cold Ice-cream and pudding. And drizzle with Chocolate and vanilla sauce.

Do watch the video above to see how is it name "Dancing in the Pan." When the sauce was drizzle on the hot pan, it sizzle and everything looked melt that this moment. The boss told us to eat in from top to bottom in one mouthful, so that you could taste hot and cold and that dancing movement in your mouth.

Dancing in the Pan Rm 20

That melting moment~~

Note: 10% service charge available

Lovely signature custom-made bottle from I Am 80's. It too pretty not to take a photo of it.

The brunch of foodie blogger, who enjoy the food reviewing, in an enthusiatic vibe with cutie dogs around, great lighting,and great food. (I was the photographer)

Okay, a complete group photo =D 

(Photo credit to Adeline Lee )

With the owner of "I AM 80's " Cafe,  admired him for this bubbly, enthusiatics personality,a great chef with great food yet remain humble, and friendly talking to customer. Please feedback him or in I AM 80's Cafe Facebook Page if you have any suggestion or ideas.


Honestly, food lover should have know this place and came here. Not only because of the great ambience (that is great enough to become a unique selling point), but the foods here! The owner of this restaurant, TK Dong, was a head chef & executive chef for in a famous franchise cafe for 8 years that he would approved the menu of the food, etc. in a few countries. I AM 80's is a  very signature cafe, that showing his attitude, and that he is also one of the 80's naming " I AM 80's " cafe.With the several experience in dining industry, I am looking forward to the other food here, which I believe would be as yummy as the food that I have tried here.

Looking forward to come here again in any Pet's Sunday!

updated 30th September 2015

I am 80's Coffee Rm 10 
I am 80's  Teh Tarik Rm 10 

 Couldn't have enough of this, so I ordered it again.

 Carbonara Ham Rm 22

Carbonara a bit dissapointed. Plain and average only.

 Garden Mix Vege Aglio Olio RM 13 (lunch set- include a drink)

This garden aglio olio is even better than the carbonara. dry frieds and love the mushroom!

the NO IDEA is a cliffhanger huh~~~ 

No need to worry about parking issue, cause there is ample parking space here. 

35, Ground floor, Jalan SS4C/5, Taman Rasa Sayang
47301 Petaling Jaya. 

Opening hours: Monday to saturday: 11.30 am - 10.30pm
Sunday: 10.30 am - 10.30pm/ 

Contact : 03-74972846

Wifi available
Service charge 10%


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  4. cute right. So fluffy~~ can hug her 99 also! and adeline's LUMI is cute also


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