September 15, 2010
li wei's calculator at leftside,and mine one RHS.very bling le~~

wat were both of us talking about til we had such gesture????^^


September 11, 2010

you teach me de^^

hehehe,today not much story to tell.


i ate quite a lot today
first, breakfast plus lunch together about 11am at western bistro.
well,the price is cheaper at fatisha le.

a chicken chop at fatisha cost Rm9.90

however a chicken plus fish chop + mushroom soup + drink + dessert = Rm 11.90 only

i like the mushroom soup,coz they put many mushroom cube inside,like the feeling / hardness of bitting,hahahaha

after tat....
ate egg tart,the egg tart only cost Rm 1.20 o,the most delicious,yummy egg tart i had ever taste,wanna upload the pix,but well i am at singapore now,and this desktop doesn't fit with bluetooth device....

dinner at singapore,woodlands if not mistaken.
erm.....we ate at hawker's centre.....
but the surrounding seem not same as i used to see one,it was like don't know how to order the food even it has chicken rice, porridge that we usually found in malaysia,but.....doesn't we come far away from kemaman to eat such common food that i used to be eat????

fortunately, my aunty helped us order ady,
grilled spicy fish and osyter and "ma lai feng guang" erm....satisfied,because it really delicious,just i don't like to eat oyster only ma...

and then steamboat with fish...
can you imagine that,steamboat with fish,i never think before and never saw in malaysia as well.
and the soup of the steamboat is not only plain tomyam soup or plain "qing tang"soup.

it cames with a herbal taste,like it^^
i drink the soup most of the time,hahahaha

after that,went to "the Central"shopping centre, there was a festival zone there,mid autumn festival , i didn't buy anything,it was more of the photo taking activities with the 12 "sheng xiao" and under the display of each "patung" it has "sponsor by..." and then the word " retain the chinese culture" and i saw the word "retain the chinese culture", i felt like very...."an wei"????erm....don't know how to describe about was like even singaporean whose mostly speak english also know how to aprreciate their chinse culture, so as malaysian chinese,we should did it more than the singaporean also.

erm....i quite like hanging around the festival road. Many people with varying wearing style to be investigated. They are all quite opened compared to Malaysian.And there was many leng lui there also.

On the way back to my aunty's house,
i was ponder....
but before this,i need to mention that i am a easily pliable person.
i felt like want to go to Singapore in the future,but after watching the "step up 3",i prefer went to New York,acutally,there is nothing much difference for me,both countries ask you to understand english.just....New York will be more free.

i mean the freedom
like sb had mention to me before the "freedom" in Malaysia is actually limited to many factor like religious,the common cognitive of social and the rule of malaysia.

that is why i prefer to went to a "free" country to develop my "free,umlimited"mind.esp in dance career.


.ok ,back to reality,all of these couldn't happen without money, i hope
for one day in the future
i can make my dream come true.
September 10, 2010

wayward to johor

yesterday on the way to johor,did not sleep the whole journey.....

before we didnot go through highway,the road was not even,felt a bit giddy ......

reached there about 2.30am,my aunty brought us to supper then,then went back to house around 4.00am sth..really sleepy

and today...
selamat hari raya~~~

hope me hav a nice journey today^^

omoidesu, hope u always hav mood la!
September 5, 2010

happy holiday!!!!ntg to do oso ,and lazy to describe,tell yea when i feel free to.

Happy Holiday!!!!