October 17, 2016


#76 Fruit Parfait

Making fruit parfait with 3 types of fruit today
Kiwi, Banana and first try on avocado! 

#75 Martha

My student told me this
"Teacher, you look nicer when you put on eyeliner"
Okay...maybe I look so dead without eyeliner.....
(why all the kids in the world so cute??!!)

#74 Parenthood
I found out in my class, there were 2 students, twins to be exact are unusually learn thing faster than the rest of the peer and I talked to their mom this afternoon.

Below is the conclusion that I made.
Bright children were born because of the way their parents nurture them.

1. Breastfeed until 4 year old
2. Their mom used to be lecturer in famous college, so I assume their parents talk a lot to the kids.
3. They read a lot. like last time when I asked their ambitions, others give common term like teacher, doctor...but theirs one is like mechanical engineering, musicians...something very specific. At the age of 7, one of them even know how to play guitar! 

#73 Little Angels psychology

First rule
我们常常都说施比受更有福, 觉得小孩子通常都是很有福报的一群, 因为they never stingy in giving their compliments, and each and every single of the compliments secretly make my day =D 
For instance

Teacher, your drawing is so nice~~
Teacher, your colouring is so nice.
Teacher, you look pretty today

See~~ This is what Imean. They were just being themselves, saying what is in their mind. And the way they viewed people is so simple, not judgemental like we the adult....

Second rule
If they like the teacher, they tend to score well in that particular subject. It makes teacher feels touched lar. As in

Teacher, I want to do well in my English paper, I want to make you happy.

and best of all, they really make it, trying their best to achieve it. Why are they so cute?

#72  More valuable than postcard

I got this postcard from one of the boss in a biscuit shop in Teluk Intan.
 Teluk Intan Leaning Tower last time (cant accurately say that it is 1930/40), but I was surprise to know that there is actually a pool/river in front of Teluk Intan Leaning Tower unlike the landscape that we see, which is surround like earth today. 

Thank you so much to the boss who gave me this. Thanks for making effort to preserve the history of this building. This building were built last time in order to supply drinking water to the local community. 

" The water that we drank last time came from here" said the lady boss to me in Mandarin. 

And according to the boss, the 80/90 year-old elderly said that last time you can directly take a boat from here to 对面港。 

Teluk Anson last time (cant really dated which year is that, but this is how it look like in Google Map too! Thank you Google Map)

You can choose to Zoom In or Zoom Out to see the landscape of Teluk Anson . And I really miss the place where I celebrate Chinese New Year during my childhood. I celebrated it once in a year in 对面港, 安顺(I dont know what they call 对面港 in English/Malay, cant find in google Map either) last time. I feel like slowly and gradually, 对面港 will be one of the forgotten place to the next generation. The current status of the place now is mainly for plantation due to the rich mineral in their soil as there were always on tide.

#71 Always take good care of your health
People, sleep early. You should be responsible for your health.

#70 Cousin's bro wedding- an eye opener
my first time of being ji mui (sister) for my cousin brother in Teluk Intan!

#69 Mistakes that I made in school

I secretly hope that no one will read this. Because the reason that I jotted this down because this is what I experienced. And I want to remind myself or reminicing it in the future.

Me: XX, do you absent on Tuesday? 
student: (corrected me) =.+=:  Teacher, do you mean " Did you absent on Tuesday?"

Me: Thank you for your bless
TRUE: Thank you for your blessing

student:Why were you absent yesterday
Me: Because I am sick. 
Me: Because I was sick. 

someone: What class are you now? 
someone: What are you having now? 
someone: What lesson you have right now? 

Wrong pronunciation

#68 Sunday Date
My Sunday date with this sweety! She has become more and more pretty, Don't you think so? 
We gossip and the 5 slices of the succulent salmon is only at Rm 1 each! Yummy! Happy Birthday , dear! This is the first time I manage to celebrate with you <3 nbsp="" p="">

#67  Earn more money please

I want the turqoise green colour waterproof high heel sneaker! And I love the tutu skirt worn by the model here. I wish I can own the Tutu skirt and the Rm 500 shoes. 

I could have save Rm 800

I have to write this down. I just have to. And I actually miss blogging. I miss blogging so much.
The month of September is coming to an end, and I realised that I spent so much on unnecessary thing. Unnecessary as in..due to my careless habit. I DONT WANT TO RELATE TO THIS CARELESS ANYMORE!

CARELESS, I don't want to be friend with you!
You go away from me.

Because of my carelessness, I forgot to pump petrol fuel when my oil tank was empty. In the end, not only I couldn't start my car even after I refill the petrol fuel. I have to spent another Rm 275 plus a lot of other miscellaneous (petrol bottle, 2 times of petrol pumping) when I could have only avoid everything in only Rm 30.

Next, this is not all due to my fault, I could have bought Vivo V3 instead of V3 Max which is Rm 300 cheaper! Sigh....it's too late when I realised this. Anyway, I bought V3 Max which is the same is my boy friend!!!

And I spent another Rm 200 on expensive dining, which I ate out of desire. I mean it not wrong. But well, my aim is not a little one. I could have save Rm 800 this month, and use the Rm 800 on any other better investment. such as

1. To fix my PC dictionary
2. To buy fresh vegetables , cook, make salad, and food I like to eat.

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October 16, 2016

3G Food Gallery @ C180 Cheras

The first question that bump into my mind when I saw the name of the shop is that

Why the name 3G?? 

It actually stand for 

Good Food
Good Quality 
Good Service

3G Food Gallery is a western fusion restaurant that serve western cuisine like pasta, chop, asian fried, exotic hot pot and also their main special delicious large deep fried pork knuckle that you couldn't found anywhere!

 Overall, I like the portion of food here is large enough that make people full and delicious.