August 8, 2015



Blogging = Materialistic???
One of my friend asked me

" You go to every events whenever possible, and to spent time to report on them, What do you get in the end? Is this what you want your life to be? " 

 I guess not only she is the one who curious about why many of the blogger so busy attending events launching, preview and etc. , despite their personal life is so hecking busy already. I can't answer this for all the Malaysian beauty blogger, but I will tell my answer.

Like me for example , I am now having internship in KL, having to wake up early every morning and coming back after sundusk , a typical 9-5pm office lady. It is indeed quite exhausting at time, not because of the working hour. but the self need to improve, to produce less mistake and error. To resource the most latest, accurate update of the project.

Meanwhile, I thank and no-thank to my supervisor. Because aside from working like a full-time, I need to prepare a daily log book too. And my supervisor set a very high standard for our daily log book. He said "Getting a B means fail" , so you can judging from this , that he actually checking my work meticulously. My daily log book (must get his signature) has been rejected for 2 times, which he mentioned was a draft (but in fact is a formal one! ).

Not only I need to prepare a daily log book, since we have 3 interns in our batch, each of us has to submit 2 case studies that is related to our working field. It's like another UTAR assignment or FYP again =.=

THat's not the finish yet. Personally, I still have my FYP proposal to do. Which is going to meet the deadline soon. OMG

Still, I keep myself to occupied with blogging, blogger events whenever possible. Sometimes, I feel like I have having 2 full times at the same time. Internship and BLogging.

So, WHY am I keep to keep myself busy attending events despite I have been bothered so much by all these? 
I feel a sense of satisfaction whenever people read and comment on my blog.
I feel the need to compile what I has been doing all these while. Even though facebook can do that better, gaining more likes. But it is easy to track back when you are writing in your own personal blogging platform.

OF course, there were some other BLOGGER PERKS like
1. Getting preview to the new-launching product for FREE
2. Free treatment
3. Snapping beautiful photos
4. Eating for FREE (which I came across a lot of people think food blogger blog because they want to get free food)
5. Getting the first up and latest information just like media
6. Expanding our social network.
7. Earning money from pageview

Which I truely enjoy every single of the perks. But DO NOT TAKE THINGS FOR GRANTED. Free eating and stuff comes with condition of helping them to promote. This is what some blogger literally do. Promote it with your own point of view.

Most of all, the motivation to continue my blogging career is seldom extrinsic, I motivate myself to blog intrinsically. In fact, most of the people around me, including my closest boyfriend doesn't seem to understand this. OF course, Spending time accompany people who care is always better than spending time attending events for the sake of a pretty photos. IT DOES.

However, there would be some SACRIFICE. I sacrifice the time to accompany my boyfriend, family and friends because of blogging. (I think this is the part that most people questioned)

I do not complain about it. Because I  have the control to choose (between accompany people I care and blogging), and I choose it. Not to say I will neglect my relationship part. But I love to blog also. It's like a hobbies for me, spenting time to do it seem enjoyable.

I won't making blogging as my full time career, but I will blog bits by bits until I cannot type on keyboard. That's all, it's just a PASSION.  & Time management is very important for me.

On the side note, to commemrate of the events I have been to, during my internship period. I have created this wall of events, by pasting the voucher, photos, entrance ticket I gotten.

But this is just part of them.There were some community or person that I truly appreciate for inviting me to their event,I didn't show their logo here. Never mind, my blog will jotted it down! hahaha. I wonder how would my wall of events would look like at the end of internship period. Let's looking forward to it okay?

and a name card holder to put all the name cards that I have collected during this period.

23th July- Movie date, Paper Towns with dear!

I started to do this after 2 months settle in KL. At least I can help save the rubbish for one month. And I am so proud of this!! 

S. Girls Gathering.
Initially we don't know each other, but we get closer after Seeties Beautifest Event. Thanks to Joan who first created the group for us, it's our space of talking anything.

We had talks over a dessert high tea in Bangsar Nosh.

And gift exchange session later on.


3/7-5/7/2015 - 很舍不得,情绪起伏很大, 很留念的活动。

#33 Carousell Ramadhan Buka Puasa

A photo with carousell co-founder Marcus Tan.

I like how most of the business now are all lead my young people like him!

With one of the most bubbly Carousell PR or Marketing (I forgotten), Reshma who is so proud of her company, and truely enjoy her job, you can seen from her facebook . 

Meet her! One of my blogger friend, Esther Lai,  whom we talked a lot even when we just meet. She is really one of the friendly blogger too! Hoping to meet her again!

It is very important to be SELF DISCIPLINE (SD), Self discipline is also one of the essential key to success. Yesterday is the last day before Hari Raya, most of the muslims are going home. And I admit I am a bit driven by emotion. I tend to follow what is on bandwagon, and feel like want to go back earlier too.

It is very important to be SD, esp when I have to juggling between blogging and working.And all this need tto complete in the limited time. Do not let your desire, laziness drive over your self discipline. Be rational , be discipline.

I want to live at the moment. Working when working, do not think of anything else. And blogging when blogging. LIVE AT THE MOMENT, be Self Discipline.

Going to raya vacation soon!!! with my family in Klang Valley area. Cant wait to meet my family!!!

I really looking forward to raya. Because only after raya, I get to get breakfast at the roadside.


A photo with Bowie Cheong before Coco Ichibanya food review started. on 16th June 2015.

Find her blog here. 

Food review for Coco Ichibanya here. 

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