March 10, 2013

Skin care and Beauty

because I just learnt how to make up recently, so I been in the temperature to find a good skin care product. Because, before you learn how to possess a good make up skill, its important to learn how to perform your skin care properly, ain't Me correct? =)

FYI, I just went to basic make up class for 2 lessons, 3 hours each lesson, I got it from Street deal, Rm135 for 3 people, you can join you are interest

 Learn the skin care routine before daily natural make up

 make up-ing

I guess you know why am I not inside, right? coz its impossible to ask people shoot for me when students were busy learning, and teacher was busy guiding.

I actually quite reluctant to upload this pic, coz my eyes like so bulging out.Anyway, its still me =)

Our make up teacher, Vinz Chong taught us how to make eyes look bigger without eyeliner but eye shadows as replacement. But I think me only look nice with eyeliner.Envy with others coz they look well with eye shadow.

I actually attend to a make up class last time after SPM, coz I realised how the power of make up make every girl so beautiful, but then I don't practice it after that, the thing that I practice the most is to learn how to trim my eyebrow, too much of last time, back to topic

So, since I learnt it, I should I start to practise it, even a secondary girl know how to make up ady. But before I start to practise on how to make up, I should protect my face so that my face won't get worse with my awful make up skill,hahaha.

I have to some research on skin care routine and here is the list of link for my reference.

not yet read thoroughtly, put here because the product are easily found in Malaysia

This is where I learnt Hada Labo Cleanser can scrub off our dead skin

put here first, the products are quite branded that I can't afford.And I sure that I could find some other products of the same function with lower price yet efficiently =)

I remember our make up teacher told us, any product that will produce foam, rub it in your hand first, but  not rubbing for the foam on FACE.

So excited when I got to see Natural republic Soothing Gel in Farenhiet yesterday, and it only cost Rm 32.90, I didn't buy it coz I want to see there is another option.But I think most propably will bought this, after survey in the face shop, the body shop, etc. Fragrance free!

her skin is really young, like baby skin from what I see from the photo. Miyome keep on promoting, can imagine the tiny size of Miyome, many blogger celebrity are using it. but so expensive.Rm110. She use Haba Labo tonner also!

beauty box
Mivva box

Rm 38 include post

I don't the link of Mivva Box here, because you cant get direct access to it even you go to their website, you still have to register and so forth. So I choose a blogger link about Mivva coz I know they are many bloggers blog about it. Choose this link because her link is super informative and she got it from her bf!

Wonder box
Rm39.90, gotta try this next time

Liliac Box
Liliac box review here

 Okay, I end my post here with my dinner make up look
Like very heavy, look fierce if I didn't smile

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