May 18, 2016

How to choose your job after graduated (For high aspiration individual)

I am pretty sure that one of the most common question that fresh graduate ask after completing their study is what to work?
 in Which field? 
Online job
and a lot other more. 

As I am taking Bachelor of Degree in English Language, I am quite puzzled sometimes, because my course equip me with most of the linguistic knowledge, checked here to see what I have study in my English language course.  So I can basically work with anything that deal with communication. 

The FAQ when I told people that I am studying English Language is that, 

Q: Do you want to become a teacher? 
A:(my answer is always the same, cause it's truth)Yea, I have been thinking about that. I never thought that I will studying English Language for Degree until I found out that Malaysia has high demand to English teacher, and all I wanted to do is to become a teacher. 

However, my course doesn't really equip me with the necessary teaching skill. There is another English Language course in my uni, known as Bachelor of Degree in English Education that is specilise for those who want to become a teacher. 

The reason that I didn't take up English Education in the first place because I thought that English Language will give a broader necessary skill. Like, by taking up English Language, you can not only becoming a teacher, but also a writer, a linguistic, a journalist and so on. (Anyway, we don't study anything about translation).

But my first choice is
1. Education field
2. Open a restaurant a cafe

The reason that I wish to open a restaurant or a cafe is that day, I was thinking what am I going to do after I retired? So I suddenly has this thought that since I like to eat so much, don't really like to cook, but sometimes I like to eat certain food I literally wish that I can just stay in that cafe, like the cafe owner, so this is how the idea of me, wishing to open a cafe look like. 

I mean my initial plan is that I have only these 2 ideas in mind. And along the way, I have found many jobs that I found out that I am interested too. (I am just literally interested in everything and want everything). 

For example, 
Property Manager
Waiter, or any management position in F&B field
Online food writer
Any job with high salary (cause I am willing to learn)

Hence, it is how in this way, I was leave with too much choice , and too many things to consider. Anyway, I am a bit digress here. 

All that I wanted to say is that, People if you are interested in anything, and manage to handle anyhting. I think you can at least choose a job that is not too challenging, but challenging to the extend where you can handle. (I know it's sounds a bit vague, but this is true.)

I will tell you why using Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domain. Basically, there were 6 cognitive domain when a learner pick up a new skill. Staring from the most easy and gradually move to those that require higher thinking skills. 


  you can read more in Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning Domain. 

What I recently realise is. Don't compromise to your competent cognitive domain when you can. For example, Don't work as a waiter (no offence to those who working as waiter, just that the task of a waiter generally less challenging than a writer), when you can work as a writer that require cognitive ability such as creating. 

Do not understand? 
Never mind, I will show you step by step on how to understand. 

First, read Bloom's taxonomy learning domain and understand it. 
Second, continue to read this post. 

The table below is the cognitive domain skill that I have category into 4 parts with example of activities and occupation under each of the categories. 

You can also download  PDF format of this file HERE.

I guess you have better understanding of what I means. 
First, choose which category of cognitive domain you belongs too. 

For example, 
I think I can manage and belongs to Grey Continuum part. So cognitively, don't go for those job that is lower that require cognitive skills. 

Of course, there might be affective skills that attach to some simple job like I am interested to work as a waiter, because I like to talk, I enjoy interacting with people. For maybe a salesgirl in Uniqlo because I like fashion, and working as an employee will get cheaper price. All these were the little things that came into my mind when I am making decision. 

I always have dilemma in choosing. I means a high pay job even in the field that I am not intended to would be acceptable too. But people, whatever is it, just follow your heart. 

Ending this post with some great quotation that I found quite inspired. 

I don't care about failing
I do not want to sit down in my old years 
and say
'How come I didn't try?"
Tony Fernandes, Founder of Air Asia. 

This is quote that motivate me to chase my dream deeply. 

“Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” 
― Steve Jobs

With that, I am continue to hunt for my dream job now! Bye! 

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