May 8, 2016

Hanna & Kent Home Facial Spa (Aqua Boost) Review

Hi!! It's been quite some times since I last update my blog. These recently I always sleep late and feel sorry to my skin. I found this Home Facial Spa while packing for hostel moving and decided to use it.

I bought it last time during my visit to Penang in Queensbay Mall. According to the sales girl, the concept of Home Facial Spa is created to resemble the concept of having intensive treatment at home. And I am someone who is aqua-loving, so this is quite tempting. But another reason that prompt me to bought this is because the product is paraben free, and the ingredients looks like very healthy. Less alcohol. and look like it's all from Plant Origin. So, out of curious, I bought it to try =D

by the way, the mask allocate quite small area to fit in my eyes, have to adjust to make it fit.

Hanna & Kent Home Facial Spa consist of 
Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Scrub (10ml)
Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Serum (5ml)
Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Mask (3 pieces) 

Rm 95.30

Recommended for 3 times use.

Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Scrub

The cream like texture consist of  tiny little grains, that does it justice to  remove the dead skin on my face, and leave my face extra moisture than usual.

Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Serum

the packaging is quite small. But it's effiiciancy of absorbing into skin, make me like this the most!

Packaging: Porcelain-colour glass bottle with glass dropper. 

I like the subtle pleasant fragrance from the Serum, unlike the fragrance in Mask, it's a bit overwhelming for me.

Texture: Crystal clear like water, but less flow-ly compare to water. It has ABSORB REALLY FAST into my skin! I try it on my face, the serum being absorbed after 2 or 3 motion of circulate massage. Then I tried it on my hand, it absorb after a few patting also. Without any stickiness, and leave it like normal skin!

Aqua Boost Perfect Hydrating Bio-cellulose Mask

Like that it present itself in Bio-Cellulose Mask.

Pro: (The special features of Bio-Cellulose Mask)

In case if you still wandering what is Bio-cellulose Mask, here are the link from SIngapore Her World Magazine and Bel Mondo Beauty


Hard to Apply, very soft and get crumble easily.
Expensive, cost around Rm 13 to get one Bio-cellulose mask


Immediately after the spa, there is a cooling sensation when I touched my skin. My cheek feel supple but my forehead doesn't show any diferences. (Could be due to I am combination skin type)

When I woke up the next morning, I didnt feel anything refresh or any positive change. And the essence on the mask doesnt really absorb into the skin because I felt a little of stickyness on my face while washing my face.

Will I buy this Home Facial Spa again?
I not sure if this will work only if you use frequently, but I don't see any change after 1 time use. The selling point of Hanna & Kent product is that it is free of Paraben and the use of it's ingredients is mainly from Plant origin.

Considering Rm 95.30 for 3 times use... I will keep look for a better alternative(that is similarly Paraben free and health concious one) that can work better than this product.

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