November 19, 2015

How to get rid of toner that is going to expired in one month

It all started with I recently found out that one of my toner is going to expired in December 2015. And I still have half bottle of it. On the other side I have started to use mist spray recently, then this idea suddenly knocked my mind. 

"Hey, why not make it into Mist Spray?" 

And I still have half bottle of it. Normally, even if I use it everyday, it still couldn't finish in one month time. (The fact is this full size bottle of The Face Shop Chia Seed Watery Toner has stay with me since May 2013, It has stay with me for about 2 years and 5 months! Still I cant manage to finish this full size bottle. 

The only mist spray that I have. Both are both travel size. The Melvita one has a mild rose scent, I normally apply it at night, Cause the rose scent is LOVE! I use it after I bathe. If I am too lazy to apply toner and moisture or essence, then I will simply spray this.

I quite like to use mist spray because it is quite easy to apply. Just Spray will Do!

The Avene Thermal Spring water on the right side, is just a pure mineral water that has healing effect. What I like about this bottle of Avene Spring Water is first, it's Brand.

 Avene is a skin care brand from French that specilize in catering sensitive skin. The products under brand Avene are hypoallergic, designed for sensitive skin, and this Spring Water is one of their Best Seller. I am sure that some of you heard of it before. It is the First Mist Spray in the market before any other brand came out with their own.

And this Spring Water has undergo quite some clinical study , and they have their own hydrotheraphy center too! I got to know this as I attended their Eczema workshop talk few months ago. (When I was young, I have atopic eczema, that come with Asthma too. )

Secondly,  it's packaging. The nozzle someone has certain technology known as D.E.F.I system that keep the product sterile, and the water can only move in one direction, that is to go out.

But you can replace it with drinking water and put into mist spray bottle if you were on budget! This is what I want to tell today.

I got this  50ml mist spray bottle from Watson for Rm 5.50. I feel like I can get it cheaper somewhere else, perhaps MR DIY, or AEON will have a cheaper price.

There were a few choice of botthe that you can choose. DON"T CHOOSE THE WRONG BOTTLE yea. In this case, you want to get a MIST SPRAY, so you should get bottle on the left. Initally I took the right one, then only realise I bought the wrong bottle after I bought. So I went back to change again.

 This is the MIST SPRAY BOTTLE that you need.

And the steps for making a Mist Spray DIY is so easy!! So so easy. Simply put the water/liquid that you want to use in the bottle then you are done!

Since my toner is going to expired in December 2015, hence I need to dispose this as soon as possible. 

 POur the toner from full size bottle into the little 50ml mist spray bottle.

 Viola! I guess you must  be very "zha dao" right now. But you would agree with me that this tips is quite useful,right? =P   The environment make me a bit creative in substitution when I am out of budget. haha.

So now I have 3 bottle of mist spray!!

 I wanted to give the Avene one to my father, cause he worked under the sun, and his face is very dry, he need this more than I do. I have 2 other bottles , one for night use. Use it slowly, cause I don't want it used up faster. And the DIY mist spray one must used up quickly before it expired. 

Let me know if this idea useful for you or not yea? =D 
Have a Great Thursday ahead! 

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