December 5, 2016

Pablo Cheesetart finally landed in Malaysia!

Pablo Cheesetart has finally landed in Malaysia!  Well the pic that you see here is Mini Cheesetart by the way. 

Because it is about CHEESE, so I am a happy kid to be one of the first 100 to try their signautre cheesetart and cheesedrink. 

Hard to resist the cuteness of their paper bag for Pablo Mini Cheesetart

All their mini tart were actually make in Japan, frozen, then import here, bake to perfection before it reach your hand. So it's literally chesetart from Japan!! 

I like that the crust is this mini tart is extra crunchy! I fall in love with their crust at the first bite. Whereas for their cheese , it is not that oogey gooey, is so fine, delicate, and rich in cheese but formulated in a way that people wont feel overloaded. 

All from Japan! 

Not forgetting the service and smile from the Pablo crew.  Friendly~~ 

This is a cheese drink. Yes, I mean CHEESE DRINK
The name of this beverage is 

Pablo Frute in the flavour of Classic Cheese Tart
RM 15.90

But the Pablo Frute is not entirely cheese. It has mango at the bottom, mixed with banana as well. So it's like a triple comb (Cheese, Mango and Banana all in one cup). 

There were 4 other flavours too. Also, Pablo serve soft serve ice-cream in the flavour of Cheese & Matcha. I wish I could try both the soft serve tomorrow! As their cheese tart and the Pablo Frute is really nice. 

CHeese, CHEESE, and more CHeese! If you are heavy cheesy lover like me, trust me, you won't go overloaded with a cup of Pablo Frute and their mini tart. 

But the regular FreshlyBacked Cheese Tart is meant to be share about your friends! 
Freshly Baked Cheese Tart Rm 45.90 

Take a look at the video below. Listen to the crackling crunchy sound of the cheese tart. The cheesetart was still remain crunchiness stil remain despite after took away for around 5 hours.  

To my surprise, the crust of the tart is not your usual crust for tart, but something resemble the surface of the croissant. So it is light, and still manage it with hold the wobbly cheese without going ooey-goey. 

Pablo Choco Crunch RM 47.90 

It has 12 pieces inside a cute metal circle box. It was the taste of white chocolate and mild cheese that coated evenly and generously on the surface of  chocolate crunch. 

We have white chocolate cookie that is a must buy when anyone is travelling to Japan. Pablo has this thin slide of cookies known as Sabrel Cheese.  
Compare to the white chocolate cookie, both are equally fine and crunchy. The white chocolate is more to honey sweet, and this Sabrel cheese is more to sour. The cheese type of sour. 

It also Truffle Salt flavoured for the Sabrel Cheese-Black

And Sabrel Cheese Matcha

 Now that I have tried their cheesetart.I wish to try the mini chocolate cheesetart and Pablo Soft serve during my next visit. 

With Audrey whom we didnt meet for quite some time and Unicorn-y Nicole Yie! 


2nd Floor, Old Wings, 
1 Utama Shopping Center

 (Just beside Hokkaido Sushi )

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