February 22, 2014

so far so good

A little update about me today.

So far this sem has been the most busiest semester for my study here.And according to my friend, Chia Ying who is also the senior of me, same month intake. She said that Year1 Sem 3 would be the most busiest semester of all.

Perhaps I need to juggle between study and events that I join and run.It is just what my lecture taught in class today. Information overloaded. I have received large number of new information before I even able to digest the previous one. And in the note, it said that this is caused by advances in information technology. As a consequence, one is likely to respond to simpler messages. Like right now, I just want to blog despite there are many things that are more important than writing blog.

1. Increase in errors:
 It does happen on me! Like Monday is 24th Feb 2014, I wrote Monday in 22th Feb. and then I have many typo recently.

2. Lowering of standards:
 Not sure whether it happens on me or not......

3. Escape from overload:
 No lar~~ I seldom.....except that sometime I really need to rest. I just sometime trying to escape from Facebook when I need to think consistently and write a good article for my assignment.

Really working rush to meet the deadline , you know?


I only gained this insight this few days, and this thinking keep hover in my mind.People always said " You only started to understand/put yourself in other's shoes when you have experience so"

Because like.....I thought I will not react in over-reacted manner and respond in acceptable form,as it happens all the time, on others, nothing of novelty..... but when it happens on my close friend, I still couldn't believe it, how could she be so stupid to do that.

And I thought it's normal when I have done something, but the feeling is so so so so much different than you have just heard the it from your friend when you experience it yourself.

There are quite many things I thought I can face them steadily, but when I really come to confront it in real life, it is so much different than what you think.As soon as I realise this, I have to without any delay, change my mindset, trying to think it in another way, subjectively and objectively.And it took me sometime  to understand it is happening.

I have already know This is life before I experience this. but when the real life coming to you, Life is quite challenge. Why do I say so? Everyone know this thing, but the feeling is so different before and after.


If you don't know I am studying English Language for undergraduate level. I really think that I must really practice to SPEAK! It is so importnant. The more people I speak to, the more I realize how poor my oral English is. Really so poor until I feel like can "buang" already.....(instantaneous feeling).

I think I write better than speak. I contribute this to blogging more frequently than speaking. So I must speak ENGLISH!!!

Fortunately, I am only Year 1 now, which mean I have 2 years to brush up my English Speaking.However, if I just continue to speak in my mother tongue for the coming days, the level of poorness will still the same.Because I have been spending past 2 semester in my campus here, I don't think my oral English does improve in anyway lor...... I must really try to find every chance to speak English!!!!!


  1. Writing is better than speaking....the main prob of chinese educated student....haha

  2. jia you jia you! yup speaking is very hard at first, but you have to be thick-skinned enough to keep trying. Last time I also like that, cannot shy shy one. hahaahaa keep making mistakes, but don't care, continue to speak until it's perfect. :) Sometimes practise talking to yourself at home. :) Ask questions and answer it yourself. It kinda help. :)

  3. i'll help....... so will the gang... Thunesh =)

  4. kywan: let's speak english together!!

    xixi: although sometime I think my skin is very think ady. but still need to think enough. Ok, I must keep speaking!! Practice make perfect!

    Tunesh: Owh~~~~ Tunesh, u r so much love~~ <3

  5. Cheer up girl。。。
    Sometimes Its ok to be not ok...
    You can't be the perfect one...
    Try to find your own way,
    the best way for you...

  6. thanks Siew Voon, on my way to learn now =)


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