February 20, 2014

Nice to meet u, Susan Teoh =)

been quite some time I didn't meet her, I think I met Yunn Li more frequency then meeting her.

               we are cute not? >>>>>

5th Feb 2014(chu 6)

Since we have not met each other for quite sometime ady. I purposely went back to Kemaman to meet her. Coz I study nowadays, so does she. So, it's very hard for us to meet. I guess u will understand this when ur best friend study oversea, and each of us was busy with our own campus life.

We seldom chat through wechat, fb messenger or anything. Apparently, this girl study 24 hours wor~~ I do understand, she is really the diligent type.


打死不忍老的卖萌, 没有啦, 只是拍照而已~~

 Have fun playing with the light, and the mode in my camera.

I don;t know what is this, butI really love my camera!

end with a pic which flatter her figure lar~~

p/s: too stress recently, decided to post a short note before resume into assignment mode.

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