September 21, 2015

Oasis Square Ara Damansara Concert Raya 2015

Ever wander how is it feel like to watching a concert in a Breezy open Space cum in a very beautiful landscape?

What you think about this ? It's so damn enchanting , isn' it?

This is how that event took place on 15th August 2015. A free raya oncert in Oasis Square in Open air condition~~~ it's is beyond your imagination.

I took a lot of nice landscape picture during the night, everything is so colourful yet it's feel comfortable, everything just blend into each other elements harmonily. What do you think?

I guess it's a NO not to upload others photogenetic photos here. So I upload the photos in my facebook album.

OH yea, I was actually one of the crew helping during the concert night.And here is my friends who is on duty as well. We are not curi tulang okay? If you have been organising events, you would know that most of the work would be before events take places, like set up, communication with sponsors and celebrities, promotion of the events, account and so on. 

So our duty on the night, after making sure everything was going alright (food booths are okay, crowd no problem), our enjoy the concert too. A concert by Oasis Piazza.

We started to patrol around since 6pm, to ensure everything was going on well. 

With one of the doll from a food booth, cute, isnt't it? 

Now, it's going to be a concert part! 

Cheryl Samad , the MC of the concert make her appearance gracefully.

 Courtesy to Oasis Piazza, there were a lot of free gift to be given away during the concert. The gift could be a concert T-shirt, which the fan in the picture above has put it on. or the gift could be a lucky ticket to meet their favourite performers after the concert!

 The favourite of many, including me. Elizabeth Tan rocked the stage with her melodious, high pitch yet sweet voice, of course a song not to be missed is her popular song, Knock Knock

I knew that a lot of you anticipate the video of Elizabath Tan's live performance that night, too bad I didn't manage to take a video of her performing. Her performance was too captivating, I just wish to enjoy the show lively, to the extend I forgot to record the video, pardon me~~ You will forgive me, dont you?? =D

It's not only Elizabath Tan who perform well. In fact each of  the singers catched our attention like a spell with their song!

Left :Elizabeth Tan
Right: Cheryl Samad

I watched a tv programm hosted by Chery Samad since Childhood, i still remember the TV programme is mainly about superhero one.As usual, I don't like all the superhero cartoon, sometimes, I just watched it to spent time only. And looking forward to the part when tv screen showed her. Okay, I don't know why I sound like pervert now. Probably she is so confident, and talk so fast in English, and she is pretty, and witty, that's what make me so impressive of her. 

This concert night made the first time I see her in real person! Not only that she is more charming, mature, elegant , she is wise too!How to say ler? WHile she hosted the night did not only distribute the gift to the crowd who stand in front of the stage only, but those who was apart from the stage too. and even to kids, to pregnants, I guess this is the reason she wins my heart. hehehe. And she is affable too! 

YOu will forever feel the night is still young in Oasis Square, it has Tom ,Dick & Harry who open until late at night. Enjoy your weekend here, overlooking this vibrant landscape under a breezy air, the only things that you don't want is raining.

The night here would be more breezy if there is no any tall building around. Still it is breezy here. Felt refreshing a bit sitting here.

Ended the Concert Raya here with a meaningful giveaway to the unfortunate orphans , that craved a smile on their face!

Elizabeth fans really a lot that night.

okay, gotta packed for the concert night. 

Parking in Oasis Square Ara Damansara

The parking information is very crucial for me, so I guess it's crucial for you too. I was having my internship here. And before the 1st day of my internship, I keep searching online for the parking information in Oasis Square. As usual, most of the high end area in KL, PJ usually costly. SO it's very crucial for me to know this, so that I can standby some money on the parking.

Until the date of 21st Sept, this is the information. The great news is Oasis Square welcome you so much during the weekend! Only Rm 1 per entry. Also, you can park in basement or ground floor as long as it's the parking seat.

Oasis Square Ara Damansara Development,
Jalan PJU1A/7A,
Oasis Damansara,
47301, Petaling Jaya Selangor. 

Actually, there is no Taipan 2 in Oasis Square Ara Damansara. Taipan 2 is another area that is 1 minutes away , like that only.


  1. I use to drop by Oasis Damansara. Environment is nice!! And this function was so great!! I think you really enjoy it ^^

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    It's sound so fun~~~
    It is a great experience~~~

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  15. Parking 's at Oasis Square during the weekend Only Rm 1 per entry. so good news!!

  16. been there before during the day and i dint know the view is so nice at night.

  17. never know that the night view there is so nice. I like the "kawaii" doll dressing in Japanese look :) Wish I will have chance to enjoy concert held there in the future :)

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    Its been a while i went oasis nia~~~~ The decorating looks so pretty!

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  25. I remember coming by Oasis during the day and the landscaping there was beautiful. Although I have to say it looks more gorgeous at night, will need to drop by there around that time ;)

  26. Always love oasis! Not only great food but also a photography worthy location. Glad that it's near my house only :)

  27. The place and set-up really do look enchanting! And that cute mascot from the food booth so cute!

  28. I love Oasis Damansara, I used to intern at a company there for a month, while my work life there was short lived, i hated that company haha, but the fact that the office was at Oasis certainly helped me get through it *cue emotional music*

    Btw do you mind telling me how did u get involved in event management? I'm considering going into this field :)


  29. Hi Lany,

    I am glad that you stumble over my blog. For futher detail about my venture,I will take you personally yea =D


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