September 12, 2015

Laneige Beauty Road Tour Malaysia: BB Cushion

 Thanks to the Butterfly Project Malaysia, I got invited into one of the famous Korea skincare and Cosmetic Brand, Laneige event!

 Laneige Beauty Road with BB cushion.  Laneige actually having a Beauty Road Tour in hopes to bring the popularity of BB cushion to the next level by turning it into a global makeup trend starting with Asia. They have leave Laneige BB cushion mark in the city of Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala LUmpur and are now going to landed itsel in China, covering Beijing, Xian, Chengdu and Shanghai (4th -27th September)

 Held in Mid Valley, the beauty road tour was filled with never ending activities and excitement.

This include

BB Cushion Testing Station. 

#21P is shade #21 with a light twist of pink, so that you can save your blusher. LOL. Worry not, you won't look like you apply blusher the entire face. When the Laneige girl help me to apply the first layer of #21P, I dont see any differences with #21. Only until the second layer, I started to see, a light shade of plum colour. #21P is prefect for those who want to achieve rosy skin. 

Me after the shade of #21. A bit vampire white under white light. Indeed, it can whitening your face immediately. But I chose the #23 share in the end, because it blend with my natural skin colour well. Almost no different! 

so here is a few TIPS: 

1. Be very sure about the outlook you wanna achieve, either whitening or natural. 

2. Test the outlook under natural sunlight, yellow ball light, and white make up light to observe the appearance of the shade under different circumstances. 

 Compliementary Makeover sessions with the help of Laneige makeup artists from KOREA!!!

 Free giveaways, fun game, and also a chance to meet a Korean model celebrity!!

 Belinda Chee, a famous Malaysian tv host was invited to host the special appearance of Hwang Se-On!

 Tadaa~~~ Hwang Se-On in the Laneige Beauty Roadshow! She is also Laneige model, that appear in various Laneige video, and Laneige event as well. She was here to share with us her secret to stay radiant and beauty alongside with the way of life how Korean perfect skin looking secret.

Some of the facts that I learnt during their talk.

3 out of 4 Korean women are having BB cushion in their bag.

1 is sold every 10 seconds in the world.

Literally never-ending excitement. Laneige had even bring 3 celebrity make-up artists to share with us,   Eva Lee whom I didnt notice her appearance , being too busy taking photos. =P

Cat Koh , who has been work together with Song Hye Gyo before this. She is also a Laneige trainer. who fly globally to teach the Laneige staff on the proper usage of Laneige product. 

Shawn Jeong, MUA cum Handsome Korean Oppa!  I don't know anything about him. But he really seem like the type that walking out from tv screen. So surreal I also a bit blushed, hahaha. 

 Cat Koh, Laneige MUA shared demonstrated the hipster trend make up in Korean, alongside with Laneige make up products.

Cat Koh, is so bubbly and cute! She pattern liao2. No lar, can really see the enthusiasim and energy from the various body gesture in explaining to us the Korean way of flawless, natural make up. 

Watch this video below if you are keen to see it lively =D 

Even their bench cushion is in the air puff design, and I couldnt distinguish if this is real material of makeup of not! The material seem genuine! 

and of course, not to miss the chance to take photo with Tammy LIm, the founder of Butterfly Project Malaysia.

With Jessica Chaw. 

Last but not least, a group photo with Hwang Se-On. 

And thanks to Laneige Malaysia for the goodie! It's' everythings that I like! (Basically, everything about Laneige, I also like! )

Instagram: Laneigemy

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  1. Hi dear! Nice bloggie you have there. I am a Laneige member too. Tried their products before. After make up looks natural. ^_^ Looking forward to read your next product review. ;-)

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