July 18, 2012

13July weekend

love this pic, coz it recall me during that moment, somemore it is something deal with chinese food which I crave for so long

I love to say that I spent a nice weekend with him, friday, saturday and Sunday, and everyday was a sweet day!I love your friend, I love ur school and I just love everything about u!

erm...basically, On friday night, give him a surprise party. but then I was so stupid that he found sth was wrong then he knew ady,phailed....,why am I so stupid? Playing flour in the night after that.

Actually, this time in order to celebrate  his birthday, I prepared 3 surprises for him
my surprise appearance
the surprise birthday bush
the surprise lovely present!

hey, I mean these are 3 separate events, not all of them came together

On the second day, we went to watch movie!!! The cinema was so damn cold, I should bring a jacket inside, we watched an awesome movie!!that is....

yes, It is amazing, but if you watch earlier version, the storyline is about the same, the interesting about this movie is it is more enchance in term of facility, costume, and the main character become more handsome. It true.

After stay cool in theatre for about 2and a half hours, it is Nando's time!! This is my second time having Nando's with the same person too! So glad that I can eat such scumptious things with the right person.I swear next time I want to be a rich woman, and eat like boss!

I miss the popiah, miss the nasi goreng,........I am eating lover,hahaha

End my post with my big forehead photo,hehehe

Today is his birthday, Happy birthday dear~~<3

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