August 16, 2014

Alley John , for french crepe in Kampar.

Going to Alley John with my friend, CY.

Hi, at first, I am quite reluctant to upload this into my this blog, cause I normally really done a lot of meticulous preparation only I will feel to upload food recommendation post in my blog. Somemore, there are only 2 or 3 foods that I show among the 20 ++ foods. Also I didn't feature their signature Vietnamese Dik Dik coffee. as I am not a coffee person. However, this should not be a reason for me not to write about coffee. Hence, pardon me or you may simply skip that part when I use the menu to explain what the waiter explain to me =) 

Generally, the crepes here has been categorise into salty and sweet type. The salty crepe like chicken teriyaki, katsu, tuna, chicken Ham, Chicken Floss are recommended for a fuller eating. Sweet crepe suitable for tea session (yumcha) when you do not need to be so full.

Left: Chicken Teriyaki Salad  Rm8.90 / Rm11.90 for set
Right: Chicken Katsu + Salad Rm8.90 / Rm11.90 for set

I ordered the salty type,  Chicken Katsu set, which come with a drink. However, CY's Chicken Teriyaki is tastier than Katsu. I think this is because the Teriyaki sause that make it moist and flavourful. 

Ice Lemon Tea

Order with set. The reason I feature this ice- lemon tea because initially I thought there will not be 

Hot lemon tea
Lemon Tea without ice. 

We were just dripping as we coming in rain. Hot lemon tea suit me that moment. 

After that, I still crave for a sweet crepe. Hence, I order my favourite once again. It's a 

Red Bean + Strawberry + Cream + Ice-cream crepe.  

Ala carte Rm8.50 
Set Rm11.90

You can choose the ice-cream from  5 flavours. I picked a green tea one. To be specific, it's actually a mocha ice-cream. Red bean serve best with Mocha =) It was just so delighting and feeling better after eating this sweet crepe =) 

Banana + Whip Cream + Chocolate

Ala carte RM6.90
Set Rm 10.90

No testimonial on this as I did not try it. 

Alley John has one signature beverage known as Alleygato. 
Refer to the pic above
the coffee Jelly is own-made.

never try on it, perhaps it worth a try?? Would order this if I drink coffee. 

 The other crepe that you can savour! with price included.

 And once you have patron here, you will be given a card, it's a reward card.

For a red card holder, you will entitled a free topping for every Rm10 x 5times spent.
And discount Rm3 at Rm 10 x 10 times spent.

It's a good business strategies anywhere. But I am most glad that Alley John didn't put their strategies as the sales focus but on the food itself. And indeed every single food listed in the menu is worth to try. Some even worth for eating many times.

 ~~~~The interior~~~~

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(they seldom update it anyway.)

better than the previos link

G-5, Jalan Timah, Taman Bandar Baru, 
31900 Kampar, Perak

Opening hours
Open daily : 1.30pm - 11.00 pm


P/s: Please note that I do not receive anything from the shop for reviewing this. It's done for sharing. =) 


  1. Happy walker:
    Harlo, thanks for commenting here. Expensive meh? U really should try it. then u will know how the food deserve the price. =)

  2. the place and food looks great, seams like a good place for photo-shoot too


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