August 23, 2014

Lemon Cheesecake Making

Made Lemon Cheesecake yesterday with my dear~~

Actually he request to make this as his birthday present, but I am so busy on his birthday, so I can't make it.
Since I temporary free from assignment and society event now. Made this together with my dear boy!!

The lemon cheesecake that he shared to me need not to use gelatin to harden it. Here is the video.

Here is the recipe attach with the video: 
(Fret not will have an English Translation later)

消化餅乾 250g
無鹽奶油 75g

奶油起士Cream Cheese 500g
檸檬汁 1顆半中Size (榨汁)
檸檬皮 1顆中Size (磨皮)
煉乳 少於1罐(300ml)


For the cake base:
Disgestive biscuit 250g
Unsalted butter 75g

For the topping
Cream cheese 500g
Fresh lemonade (just squeezed) 1 1/2 unit
Lemon peel (rid off the outer skin)
Condensed milk 300ml

Take note: This is a non-bake cake without using gelatin. It is the condesend milk that help to withhold the shape of the topping. Do not finish all the milk in a can. Too much of sweetness wil not help to freeze the cream cheese. 
Beside, you are advised to chill it in freeze for more than one night. 

 Seriously, learning is like testing a hypothesis. My idea is to the chocolate to decorate lemon cheesecake. But it's a big NO NO, it do not enhance the look either, but colouring on the chocolate smudge the outer layer of the cheese.

Also, there are some reminder for me while making a Lemon cheesecake next time!

1. Even though the video show that the cake is still able to harden after freezing overnight, but well, it didn't work for me. After taking out for 5 mins, it started to plump down already. Just  like the pics below.....

Nth attempt, Lemon cheesecake, without gelatin. Fail.

The fail here refer to the shape is no able to stand for more than 10 mins. The top 2 cheesecake above can withstand until 30 mins!! and still look alluring!

# updated on 25th August 2014

Oh yea, since I am not using condense milk to harden it, can opt to put lesser condense milk, it is so sickly sweet when I ate it just now ~~~ ##

2. Last time, I wander why people make Lemon cheesecake but not limau nipis cheese cake. I like how limau nipis enhance many of the Malaysian dishes like mad. For example,

Ikan bakar with limau

Maggi goreng with limau. 
(tried the best from an Indian hawker, and love it forever since)

This time, fortunately I have both lemon and limau.  I planned to make a limau juice while beating the cream cheese. My mom used to make lime juice for us last time. It's so chilling, sour and sweet! But when I placed both Lemon and limau together. Their aroma of Lemon instantly beat over the limau. The smell of Lemon is so pleasant that you do not need anything to enhance it. Limau, on the other hand, you still have to add some sugar to compensate the sourness.

Not to say Limau is not good. Each of them best serve with different dishes. Can you imagine maggi goreng with lemon?? Sort of too much ,right?

3. The base is too hard, it need a lot of force to cut the base. Hence I learn that I do not need to include too much butter. The more liquid butter you put. the harder the base is.

 See, the biscuit part is too hard it is so difficult to cut. Even when I want to nom it one spoon by one spoon. I still have to cut the biscuit the best I could.

4. Add in a little water to dissovle the concentration of cheese.

It either 

you add a little water. 


you use only one pack (250g) of cream cheese. 

Because 500g will produce thicker top. And the cream cheese is too much, too concentrate that it simulate the feeling of fullness. But after you finishing wash the plate, you felt like you want more. The sour in the lemon did the magic, it's so delicious it make you ask for more. But the cream cheese is too much.

the cake is harder after keep in fridge for 3 days, still, it 's not as good as gelatin cheesecake.

That's all the reminder for myself =D
Thanks for reading this! Hope it is helpful for you too!


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