August 22, 2010

a death game

.....i feel like wan scold those pig guy....

today, i was driving home from school as usual

since it is now bulan Ramadan or Bulan berpuasa,there were ma lay guys who played cracker,know wat?????

it was somehow like a matter of death and alive at the moment.

when my car passed throught the road, i heard cracker sound,they had must throw the cracker b4, but couldn't they play it another area???why must they played beside / on the road

i was felt like wan to shout those bastard, could you imagine if the cracker is right under your car????

it may explode,and me,my sister ,friend and my car will all gone le!!!!!

those bastard nvr think of it before???!!!

haiz....gotta be very very very careful le.

seriously,i think driving to school is like playing a death game.


Thanks for your comment! <3 <3
I really motivated when I saw people do read and make effort to comment everytime! TQ!