August 26, 2010
xixixi,i quite satisfied with my blog design now,look nice...


today,finally i had finished my tough paper

all the tough are gone

the remain is mt and muet.and mt on sunday,still a lot of time to revise la,hahahaha

had i been say tat?first time i was sick during examination.This is bad.....coz i can't focus on my study,i got fever ,and during the test,i have to writing and control my mucus,tissue....i think 5 packs of tissue were used in 2 days.Its bad,first time i felt like want to bad home and wish the time could pass faster so that i can back....

last time, my dad say i had become thinner, perhaps because i always burn the midnight oil that cause me having not enough of sleep and render a series of subsequent effect.

first,memory ability drop
second.not as "min jie" le

i hav no mood to type now le

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