August 9, 2014

Kok Family Raya Trip 2014 : The day before departure (B) aka From Long Term Car Park to KLIA, and parking rate

THis post is actually to let the public how to go from KLIA long term car parking to KLIA, also , it's a part of our KOk Family trip, so I will include some of our private moment here. =D

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Right after I hop into car , going from KLIA2  to KLIA .... 

In the car.....

 I don't really snap with so many expression, I think this is the characteristic of Z generation gua~~~

Basically, there are 2 type of car park in KLIA, a short term and a long term car park. It means that if you want to put your car for days, you will get a cheaper rate than park your car in short term car park .

at the entrance of car park, we need to get a token to pass through.
 The parking rate within one day.
 our car park here for 6 days, so it is Rm 144 + Rm15 (5th day) + Rm15 (6th day) = Rm173.

And if you lose your token, you will need to pay additional Rm50 for that.

 first time see the ground in car park is colourful~~

Just some video that I rant so much~~ Just can't hide my excitedness =) 

Kok Family Raya Trip 2014: From Long term car park to KLIA from Kok on Vimeo.

and some of the photos that I took on the way =D 

OH yea! I finally reach the KLIA check in counter there. Pose with this air-conditioner cause it's special =D
#seperti rusa masuk kampung

that's our time in KLIA, so that's it!!

Next post: Check in hotel  =)


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