December 28, 2021

A mini getaway at the Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur : Comfortable , Colonial and Great Services - Part 2

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At the Contago Cafe 

I guess one of the highlight of this hotel.. (I'm not sure, I have not been to any other upscale hotel like this) is their great services. There are waitresses who would guide you to your seat and also unlike any buffet breakfast in hotel, they will serve you the beverage at your request (even when you can actually line up and get the beverage yourself =P )

Here's our seat on the morning of Christmas week 2021 

All the guests were required to put on the plastic gloves while getting food from the common areas. 

The pastries, waffle and pancake  ...

The croissant.... it is lovingly frangrant although not to crunchy. I guess it is because it has been served in the cold air-conditioned room that make it less crunchy...I could be wrong. but croissant is one of the food here that I grab twice! 

The taste was just so freaking balance-ly perfect. 

I have mentioned this in the previous post, but I am going to mention it again. 

The chocolate roll and the red bean roll..... Tasty!  

I dont have high expectation initially, due to it's mundane plating, but it turns out unexpectedly awesome. 

You can have higher expectation when it comes to food like pastries bread...Food that served during high tea, because the Majestic Hotel is quite well known for its afternoon high tea session. 

Waffles, pancake and bread.. standard as usual. 

The Beverage 

The beverage island is near the entrance , along the way when you are heading to the inside of the Contago cafe, to get seated. IAll the hot beverage were exclusively prepared by the hotel's barista! 
The beverage island on the right side of this photo here. (Above )

There was also fresh juice as well as cold beverage. The hot beverage menu here as you can see in the photo below... 
is anything you can order! 

I just realise there is also Jarmine tea available here! Wow. 
I ordered Fresh steam milk which is not found in the wall menu here also. 

I did nto try the congee as I was too busy stuffing salad and milk and croissant =P 

Yes, Halal dim sum available too! 

Malaysian delicacies like Apam Balik, Roti Canai, Nasi Lemak, Rendang are all available in this island here. 

My husband & me 

My morning view! while having buffer breakfast, hahaha . 

I hope that next year Iwill be seeing this view with one more baby on his lap! 

I was so dumb initially I asked for Milo as the choice of drink. Then only Hot chocolate is available. Did you see the simple latte art made by the barista here?  (Top right side of the pic below)

Now , do you know why most of the guest here opt for the hot beverage instead of the cold ones? hahahah 

My choice of breakfast :

1. Roasted tomato (My favourite! If you like tomato too, you will realise that the taste of tomato after heat treatment like steam, charred or roasted or oven-baked taste much more better ! )

2. Salad - one of the food that I had for 2 rounds because I didn't get to eat much salad if it is not in the hotel buffet style. 

3. Chicken Ham : Sliced smaller and mix with the fresh garden salad. 

4. The sinfully salty sesame sauce:As the dressing for the salad. 

While waiting for the second round, my tummy was too full to stuff so many things at one time. 

Husband ordered Piccolo 

My round 2 breakfast , with croissant on the other plate. Croissant is a must try! YUmmy! 

History of the Majestic Hotel 

Built in 1932, the original Hotel Majestic was designed by the Dutch architectural firm Keyes and Dowdeswell for the Trustees of the Estate of Loke Wan Tho, the youngest son of the businessman and philanthropist Loke Yew.


Normally, we care about the comfortability when it comes to hotel. Just the history of this ancient-looking in the urban time is worth to study for. 

I mean, look at the neo-classical  embellish of the hotel and the bell boy, the receptionist and all the hotel staff are dressed in a colonial style era costume. It really brought me back to the time during the British occupation. 

Where to book ? 

Not sure if it is due to the covid pandemic outbreak period, I booked during the 11.11 sales. (Checked in Dec 2021) It was around Rm 470 nett  for one night stay including dinner and breakfast at the Agoda. 

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