January 1, 2022

Cafe Marion , Cherating Pahang

 Regarding how long does we queue and the queueing condition, you can read  the other post here. 

Updated  12th Jan 2021 

Chia Ying has just told me that that is a new order system where you can skip the queue !me You can place order through their whatsapp here one day before, and collect it on the second day. If they don't reply you, it could be because their order has reached full quota already. So if you really want to grab whatever you like, I would suggest you to still BOOK EARLY to avoid dissapointment, hahaha. 

Also, read on their instastory to know any latest update, They updated in their insta story just now to show that the whatsapp order is full. 

This post would focus on the food itself. 

My friend (Chia Ying) and I after queueing for 1 hour , we finally managed to get our pieces of pastries of maximum 8 pieces for each head count.  

Chia Ying and I 

As you can see here, a total of 16 pieces of tarts and cheesecake. 

We didnt manage to get 
1. Straweberry tart (not available on the day)
2. Classical Cheesecake (sold out very fast )

After they have sold out the pastries, they will continue to open the shop to serve beverage, as you can see from the menu board. 

These were how crazy we were! I got so hyped up by Chia Ying!  My initial plan is to only buy only 3 pieces of pastries. but since I had queue such a long time...about one hour. I might as well use up all the quota. 

Happy Kid I am. I am going to eat less sweet after this. (CNY is coming too, oops!)

I personally like this. I could taste the bitter from chocolate and the sweetness from the salted caramel. But it really varies individually,  some of you may not like to have all the taste to mix together. 

Actually cheesecake is easily found every where, and the delicious cheesecake is quite common too. Still this is my top 1 favourite simply because I like to eat cheesecake.  

I have tasted better cheesecake some where else in KL. But I still i would come here for the cheesecake because 

1. I like cheesecake 
2. I seldom see salted caramel cheesecake
3. THeir cheesecake is delicious 

Salted caramel chocolate tart VS salted caramel cheesecake. 

Which one is your preference? 

Next, I would like to share this almond and walnut tart. I guess you should really try this because you can hardly find it any where also it tastes much more better than it looks! 

It is suitable for those who doesn't like food that is too sweet. Both almond and walnut are definitely less sweet, , but it doesnt make it taste lesser. 

Lemon Meringue Tart 
Again, I have tried it some where else in any cafe in Selangor. or Simply the lemon tart. But i will still drawn by the beautiful meringue on top of the lemon tart!  The taste is 

Primary : Sour (plain but pleasant sour)

So you would either like it or just stay away from it. Haha 

My least favourite. Because I want to share it with my husband. So I only ate this 2 days later. Not sure that's why it is not so fresh, it is just plain sweet for me. Don't like. The texture is okay, but the taste ... is not enjoyable. 

Q: WIll I come again? 

A: I will come again if I am not queueing alone, because it is all for the friends who chat with you during the wait as well as for the great pastries there. 

Q: Does it worth the wait? 

A: This is the first question I ask my friend when I heard that she literally queued 2 hours just to buy the tars and the cheesecake. 

It was tasty overall, but some of the tarts could be found in other places (like some French cafe in Selangor/KL area)

For me, I would queue if  there are friends/people going together. It would make the waiting time more exciting. A fun way to catch up too. 

Just like Chia Ying, I wouldn't go and queue alone if there is no one with me. 

Skip the queue, place order via the whatsapp system HERE  (updated 12th Jan 2022)

Café Marion  

🗼French Café
🕐 Open 1PM - 7PM
🕜 Friday 2.30PM - 7PM
🛍️ Take Away only
📍Cherating Beach, Malaysia ⛱️
Close Tuesday & Wednesday

Source:Taken from their instagram 

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