January 5, 2022

A tourist day to Cafe Marion and Don't tell Mama (Restaurant), Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia

It was an exciting day. I was looking forward to this day, the way outing with my friend and the day which I was like a tourist in my hometown! 

Before going back to my kampung (Hometown) , I have come across a post spread virally on Facebook. It is a post about a french cafe in Cherating ,Pahang where people are willing to wait for 2 hours to taste their godness.  

So I suggest Chia YIng to bring me there. She went there before. If you want to know if the cafe Marion was worth the wait, Click here to see it. 


We arrived around 11.30am like that, but I was not feeling well. Period hit and I feel so reluctant to  stand. We waited for like 20 mins before we went down to get the number. (The numbering system for the customer so that you no need to line up and roasted under the hot sun)

My partner of the day, Chia Ying!  Friend since high school, but only get closer during the time in university. Opps , we also took the same course in the same uni, but different batches. She is litterally my senior! 


They also hired a very friendly and kind rela to guide the mass crowd. The kind Rela would pass you umbrella to keep you shaded, talk to you if you are boring, very polite and any pregnant lady, senior would be given priorities to buy first. (I guess he would offer you sunblock also if he has it, hahahahaha)

Across the road, behind these  huts.chalets  is beautiful and hot beach view! 

As you can see some of the dessert, like classical cheesecake, on the top right side is already sold out. So fast! Chia Ying and me planned to be the first next time so that we can grab the hot selling ones like classical cheesecake. 

Some posters also sold along side the dessert. 

Finally, it was our turn to grab 8 pieces of it! I notice a lot of people want to take photo of the word 'CAFE MARION' , so we also stood at the side so that the people behind us can take as many photos as they want. 

This is my dear friend, Chia Ying making payment of her long waiting dessert! 

This is me, yours truly  making payment of her long waiting dessert! Hahahaha. 
Taking Chia Ying for taking miltiple shoots. 

We hadn't had our lunch yet. Chia Ying also prepared some sandwich in case we were hungry during the long waiting time. 

Afterwards, we went across the road, headed towards the beach to the restaurant 'Dont Tell Mama'

Food on the wall were special menu on the day. Some of it are Japanese food because the owner who know this restaurant in Cherating , Pahang Malaysia is a Japanese. So you can really see a subtle of interesting twist of  diverse culture  here in Cherating. You might not be able to tell on the first sight, but it is quite obvious when everyone come out in the evening, during the sunset. When the beach is full of crowd. You can also watch this video here which I made years ago by interviewing the people here in Cherating. 

Cafe Marion, the French cafe owed by a French who married to a Malaysian then 'Dont Tell Mama' owed by a Japanese. 

With local fusion too. 

Pumpkin soup served with garlic toast. 

Grilled salmon with greens and fries

Fish and chip 

The food that we ordered , in my opinion was ordinary. We went there just to heal our hungry stomach. So yea. That's it at the outing day at Cafe Marion and Don't Tell Mama in Cherating, Pahang, Malaysia. 

Ending this post with a photo of us. I know I look like middl age aunty here. (Sad), so I need to work out more to combat against the slow metabolism in me! 


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