October 23, 2011

Kemaman Mini Zoo trip

actually, i went there twice.

i combine my first visit and second visit together.
As too much of students need to look after, we did not really explore every corner of of the Zoo,like some students are height-phobia, so we did not pass through the hanging bridge,which the tigers and lioness will below your step''). i only attempt to step in those area during the second visit.

btw, i attempt to snap photo with this little cutey cab before i leave. My student did an awesome job!

this photo showing beyond the-teacher-stereotype, but teacher is human too! teacher is a commoner too! huh?

smile and peace!

one the way back
back to our lovely school^^

and the pic started this pix is the second visit^^

where is the head??? omg omg

i adore its amaze, i wonder how peacock possess so amazing feather....
see through it, and it looks appeal to me

just a candid him

see clearly on its jaw

this is the hanging bridge that i refer that many students did not care to cross through that time.Somemore, that day was little drizzle before we reach.


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