February 17, 2009

Learning Driving Licence

Yesterday,i telephone to PSM,my legally learning car academy.The staff there told me that my learning Driving Licence(LDL)is getting approval and ready in use.(that mean i can start learning to drive a car)

i am walking on the cloud nine when the staff told me this news,because i just waiting for one week onwards from the sitting-watching car lesson,because when i was doing the sitting-watching car lesson,i met quite many of my form 5 friends,Solihah,Shamila,farah,and Safuan,and Calvin told me that if you are only getting for car licence only,you just need to wait for a week;however,you need fortnight for both motor and car licence.

Actually , i supposed to telephone to PSM on sunday , but i think somehow if they delay the time to sent the licence to PSM?better don't taking the risk to ask without return,therefore i just telephoning PSM the second day.LUckily the PSM doesn't make me down.


on the same day, i telephone to my learning driving teacher,he said:
1. You can only sit for the test after one month getting the LDL.
2. i teach about 10 students everyday,you have to wait until someone(he doesn't mention someone,but THEY)are passing their test.


how is it now?
i had been waiting for 100 years!!!
uncle, your answer really let me down.
however~~~ you have valid reasons for that_______JUST WAITING

Actually, i do hope to get my car licence faster because i am afraid i have to go for PLKN(programme latihan khimat negara)this MArch and then my parents always busy,their sometime cannot fetch me at the time,also,if i have a legal car licence,i can hanging out with friend.


Thanks for your comment! <3 <3
I really motivated when I saw people do read and make effort to comment everytime! TQ!